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Jenn Nix Jan 2015
Those vices I dropped like rhinestones
on the starry path to respectability
become diamonds when he whispers "tonight"
when he reaches out to my child weary flesh
-unwillingly- I will respond but.
I cannot shrug off the dishes and bills
the stain on the floor where the cat bled
the un-watered plants;
how many times have I written these lines?
Ah God…even my most poignant moments
have become mundane -
like the Taj Mahal must appear
to the beggar on the steps
selling downloaded pictures
in the shadow of holiness.
rough draft... needs much work!
  Dec 2014 Jenn Nix
Seán Mac Falls
Before the wings and spring of words,
Were cradle-held in a cloud of sleep,
Soft footfalls to hear ourselves turning
And ever new dreams were lofty keys,

We could not see the frost branching
And winter never was, nor winds cold,
In our temple eyes, the sun crowning
Imbued visions, fine as woven gold,

Draped in silks so rare, spun spinning,
To hear the birds sing in ears blossom,
For the very first time, true beginnings
And the flower's colour never forgotten,

All is morning now— song, sings singer,
To morn, wake, dream, dreams dreamer.
Jenn Nix Dec 2014
All those pretty boys and girls
in Utah with perfect families
and straight teeth and
golf weekends and BYU

I wanna be a Latter Day Saint:
faith like a gorget keeping
holiness inside and sin without,
my eyes turn blue contemplating sainthood

In the south they shout in tongues
they have a private line with the devil
and he lurks in the hearts of
Communists and liberals he says.

I wanna be a born again Baptist
full of hellfire and moonshine
fundamentally patriotic and God
looking down every day at my white hot purity
It’s a good day to be a Baptist my friend.

My Catholicism is a ragged old red robe
seams dragging through the dust
of old men’s prayers and smelling
of my grandmother’s face powder
even when she died.

In the end the rain washes over the berms
of every river not only Jordan
and when the flood comes I will be
lying open in a field
smelling of damp earth and crushed grass
my knees unbent and my hands unclasped
my heart in my mouth still beating.
Jenn Nix Dec 2014
I am sorry to seem so
callous when you call out
in your sleep but i am weary
unto death of pain

addicted to sickness i watch
your breast rise and
fall fall fall
i too fall into your ****** dream
candy colored visions in the dark night

(what is it you dream of
my love, my beloved
my death and my life
my life begins and ends
with each slow breath)

and christmas betokens
an end to these quiet rooms
this eternity of fits and starts
your breath like a spidery leaf
drifting in the winter breeze

tell your god good show
good show old man if
not for the pain i would
never have known he was ever here
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