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May 2016 · 1.1k
Jasmine May 2016
The sun is glowing
shining through
the ways it lays on you
oh baby
I can see it sweeten
the skin
underneath my lips
this kiss
can be breakfast
all I need is you
and that thing you do
the way you play
it makes me think
I'm back in the 60s
this is our summer
and all we got is love.

And that's enough.
Aug 2014 · 1.9k
Fire Skies
Jasmine Aug 2014
Every color consumed the sky
And set the palm leaves on fire
To light way to the gates of paradise.
Oct 2011 · 492
It's ok to blink
Jasmine Oct 2011
The world is even more beautiful with your eyes closed
Oct 2011 · 2.9k
Aesthetic Experience
Jasmine Oct 2011
In the midst of reprimanding my clumsiness, I suddenly fell captive to the enchanting beauty of the falling speckles of reflective light. Gracefully they swayed like iridescent snowflakes on a serene winter morning. I stood mesmerized by the overwhelming splendor before my eyes and unaware of the mess I had just created. In the blink of an eye, mistakenly spilling a tube of glitter transformed into a spellbinding experience of aesthetic appreciation.
Oct 2011 · 1.1k
Archaic Revival
Jasmine Oct 2011
Fall has come and brought with it a sudden change in energy.
The exhaustion of overheated air now calmly cools to a fresh breeze.

The smell of wet fire nights slowly takes place of *** waxed mornings,
As a warm breath makes its way from toasting your skin to soothing your heart.
A state of situational change commences internally as the external world converts the earth.

Gaia is transforming her body as you renovate your soul.
Each day dawns in gold, trimming the rims of wise leaves.
Nature’s acumen is on display.

She is the only being equally as beautiful throughout her entire life.
Time will never age her, for her heart is eternally youthful.

She lives off the love of those who fuel her being and protect her beauty.
Contrary to popular belief, she is not immortal.

Slowly she is poisoned by ignorance and disrespect.
The souls of the wicked eat her light and mask their meal in meaningless schemes and machinery.

She stands no chance in a world of egocentricity.

Her only hope is archaic revival.
Jasmine Oct 2011
One of those meant to be free
They say if you follow her when she wonders you’ll find her talking to trees

She’s one of those mysterious souls, always lost inside herself
Contemplating matters of existence, dreaming of metaphysical wealth

A place of paradise, where all is free of pain
A space that flourishes with the manically insane
A collection of minds feeding off debauchery
A gathering of souls to rebel the hypocrisy  

Armed with a mind full of soldiers, ready to win this war of expression
She knows it’s up to her to lead free the life she’s destined

— The End —