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in the deepest and utmost corner of my heart
the pain is being hidden

and on the outside
you will witness
my sweetest smile

if only
you will catch a glimpse
behind those eyes
is the loneliness that being kept

if only
you will stop and stare for awhile
you will find out
that i am in despair

i was wondering
if the saying

"in the eyes you will see the real feelings of a person"

is true

because why can't you see?

that i am






the twin of love is pain
Jamie Lara Dec 2015
You don't speak much
but your eyes says it all
Jamie Lara Oct 2015
thoughts inside my head
slowly killing me
creeping me out
memories came rushing
I'm shaking my head
forgetting everything
the pain and suffering
that doesn't end
how long before I realize
this was all but a daydream
you weren't for me
and I wasn't for you
tears came down
then I thought
I won't lose you

I'm shutting my thoughts

-J. L
Jamie Lara Oct 2015
We met in the hallway
like moments fleeting
to catch a glimpse of you
how can I not miss you
your hands I wanna hold tight
and never let go to soon
now I can smell your perfume
your chest I wanted to hug tight
until I cannot breathe

Believe me, I miss you
in every heartbeat and in every second
you're my caffeine, you're my addiction

- J. L
Accidentally posted this one. This was supposed to be in the draft. But, yah. I'll probably continue writing this one. :)
  Oct 2015 Jamie Lara

Heart is blind without the mind to imagine
Yet the Heart is alive and it beats that speaks our soul
Heart does not function alone
But it's the Center of it all.

Our mind unites the five senses
The mind process what it hears
The mind creates what it sees
The mind evaluates what it smells
The mind appraises what it tastes
The mind senses whatever the body touches
The mind is only a machine without its core.
Heart and Mind connect
Because it's the most important to protect
It's a bond that is part of us ever since we were born
                                                    It beats our fear
                                                     It beats our pain
                                                     It beats our sorrow
Our heart is our soul                    It beats our excitement
Where emotions are stored          It beats our pleasure
                                                     It beats our passion
                                                     It beats our love
It speaks in silence
The mind only speaks what the heart tells
They communicate with a language that is unknown

The mind is neither good nor evil
But the heart is capable of being good or evil
The heart is capable of anything that speaks our nature
Even if your heart is dark as the darkest night
Another heart will give flame to start a light
A flame that will serve as light in your darkest night
This is how I perceived the mind and heart on how they work.

see the link below on how was it inspired.

thank you so much for reading.
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