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  Oct 2014 Jaia Wilbour
Raina Grace
We drift in the autumn winds, play with hair's curls, dance in circles with the leaves in the street, lift the wings of the circus... There's beauty in the darkness of simplicity, intensity in the highlights of the silver moon, and the stars smile down on you all, knowingly, we're good friends. You may feel lost, even here in our arms, yet we cradle you so lovingly.  And now that you hear us, sing us a song. Now that you hear us, lift our words into the air to where they belong~
Jaia Wilbour Jun 2014
Try as we might
things never seem to go as
and what I've come to realize
the universe
has its own plans.
See, things have a funny way of
working themselves out,
if you let them.
Not really a poem, just some thoughts.
Jaia Wilbour Jun 2014
You took a sip of me
and spit me out saying
you didn't like the taste,
but maybe if you'd have swallowed,
let me slip into you're stomach and
absorbed me,
all of me,
and felt me running through your veins
you would've liked the way I'd
make you feel.
Jaia Wilbour Jun 2014
And suddenly it was
and it would only rain
at night when you were tucked
into bed with a kiss
from your mother
and a whisper
that everything would be
But  the whisper
got lost in the sound
of thunder,
and I was afraid that
it wouldn't stop raining
but when I forced myself awake there
shone the sun
through the blinds
of my only window
and suddenly it was spring
Jaia Wilbour Jun 2014
Slip through

delicate fingers like

running water



from everything

that you know.
Jaia Wilbour Jun 2014
We’re told we’re made of stardust,
and maybe it’s true,
but I’ve looked under my skin
and seen nothing there
that’s inexplicable.

We are, undeniably,

And yet we have an insatiable desire
to be so much
More than blood, and bone,
and the imprints of our mothers and
but in wanting this we become
something more.

We are like art
the way our hearts pump blood through our veins
without anyone showing them how.
The way we turn our thoughts into songs, poems,
creating a smile, or bringing forth tears,
just by the words that
dance off our tongues.
The way we love, uncontrollably and
and it’s intricate and simple
all at the same time
and we don’t need to be
made of stardust
we are, undeniably, remarkably,

— The End —