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Jacklynn Smith Jun 2015
I love him dearly but his heart is set on the danger field of bullets and war.

I wish I could change his mind but his heart is set on going. I will always stand by him and be the girl he is always thinking about and wanting to go home to again. I will be waiting for him at home and supporting him the whole way. When you love someone you want them to be happy even if that means you aren't.  You would do anything for the ones you love. If he is happy leaving to the danger field and leaving his home, that is his choice. Even though I may not agree with it, it makes him happy and that's all that matter when it comes to who you love. I loved him from day one. I'll stand and wait for him to return. My love will never fade.
Wrote for my boyfriend I love to death that is so set on going to the Army. Breaks my heart everyday at the thought that I lose him as soon as he joins.
Jacklynn Smith May 2015
Darkness encloses the light that use to surround the day.

I hear you voice but not what you say.

Pushed away

So I start to stray

In a world so displaced

People race to find their place

Being an Outcast In society

Roaming Silently

Slowly losing my sanity

As your graceful memory fades

All that’s left is in grays

I pray that your face never leaves

As I will grieve

In all the fear

My eyes are tears

Longing for your touch

That I miss so much

Let Death take me on a rush

During my last hush
  Nov 2014 Jacklynn Smith
You never liked me,
              you never loved me
                           and you never could.
                       ­          Cause you never saw me,

                          you never knew me

       and you never *would.
  Nov 2014 Jacklynn Smith
A green eyed monster within,
in behaviour satan's akin.
Other's possessions are his attraction,
flies on wings of dissatisfaction.
Hopes more for other's loss than his gain,
can take ugliest of forms without constraint.
When you say you're fine.
I know you're lying.
You're my friend
I know something's wrong.
Why can't you talk to me?
You may not know it
but I've been there too.
I've been depressed.
I've been so low.
I know how it is
to be alone.
I care too much
for you to feel it too.
So please just talk to me!
I worry about you.
  Sep 2014 Jacklynn Smith
The burdens are
difficult to carry
all alone.
With a friend
to help you tote
them, you're
not all
The burdens
are so much lighter
with a friend to help.
That's what
to help each other.
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