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Zoe Jun 2015
These hands hang down
and my heart droops within;
these feet are tired - my back sags
shouldering so much,
visible and invisible.
Oh Lord, sustain me,
I pray!
Lend me
strength to
lest I should
fall and not
be able
to get

Zoe Jun 2015
relief I found
is sustaining and freeing.
No longer working
******* tests.
No more
I now have
obtained it.
Peace, wonderful

So difficult was this year of school.
Glad for a vacation! :) <3
Zoe Feb 2015
a word I dislike,
for he has left
and gone.
You made
a promise to me,
yet I'm all alone.
Oh God,
please help

Just thoughts.
A prayer.
Zoe Feb 2015
Large moon,
emanating light
through the thin clouds,
and eerie shadows
cast all around.
yet all the while
Shining all
through the night.
Moon, so large,
rising over all.

A lovely moonlit night.
Hope you enjoy! :)
Zoe Nov 2014
This world is my temporary home,
for Heaven is my eternal home.
Thank God I am,
one of His children.

~ Marian's challenge got me thinking...
Here is my effort. Hope you enjoy! :)
Zoe Nov 2014
Those days,
so long ago now,
that blossomed within
time that seemed to
stand still.
Now it is gone,
and I am
You are gone
as well.*

Missing people is painful...
Zoe Aug 2014
Whispers in the breeze
gentle rustling of the trees
soothing rain now falls.

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