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jackary May 2018
First and foremost I declare that I know the most about ******* over every person I hold close, I play them like notes;

Now this sentence will run, and this time it's not for fun; I'm a little drunk off the ***; but these feelings are ripe like a plum,

So I pick em and split em and break them down to pieces like a Reese's hoping that I can comprehend em, but I can only compress them and stuff them away.

It's the same **** every day like I'm stuck on repeat, like a shooting a 3, I hover on the boundary: I ask how do I please

Myself and everyone else, **** my life and everyone else. I feel like a doll on a shelf watching the world pass me by; the sands pass through hourglasses always on time.

Sure I'm getting carried away, wish I'd get wiped away by a wave, or maybe spend some time in a cave, I've been a pawn and a knave.

Beat me down with a stave, and place me on stage and then go flip the page, and I hope the next chapter includes the plague, and I'm not too vulnerable.

But the words that I cast down on paper are cast like a spell by a mage, like he cast a mirage to sabotage the rest of the fortress; I'm restless.

These feelings I'm feeling, well I'd say they're important, at least to me, atleast I hope you can see, like I've realized that she isn't right for me.
jackary May 2018
I've been on a binge
Been used like a hinge
Been burnt and singed

I've made some mistakes
Too many to hate em all
For goodness sakes

I've been all around
Been acting like ****
Been staying lit

I've realized I'm fake
I've realized I too can fall
And shatter like plates
jackary May 2018
Is this how it's going to be?
Is this really how it's going to be?
You spend 48 hours with me
Then act like you don't see me?

It's because of that other girl I kissed
Isn't it?
You know that was to make you jealous.
It didn't mean ****.

And because you kissed that other guy?
Well that made my blood pressure rise.
It makes me me want to leap from a high rise.
It makes me crave my own demise.

Yeah, **** this and *******.
Tomorrow I'll be 500 miles away.
Yeah, we've got each other added
On Snapchat, but what we had won't last

I'll take it all back
You'll take it all back
Well never see each other again,
And that's exactly how it should be

Even after the days we spent together,
**** me
**** we
jackary May 2018
my Darling.
My Sterling Starbeam,
come a bit closer
and show me
what love means.
Id argue the anticipation of the moment is sometimes more intense than the moment itself.
jackary May 2018
There was a girl that I loved,
so unconditionally.

She was as bright as a new day
bleeding through the blinds.
To my ear she was the spring flow
of a forest’s creek.
To my eyes she was a mountain’s meadowside
speckled with flowers, Alpine.
She skipped through the caverns of my mind,
She was dug deep inside.
Like shadows dancing on the wall,
I envisioned our shadows intertwined together,
slowed to a crawl.


To draw myself closer to,
step by step I wandered near.
The glow of her smile; Divine.
Like the light of a higher
power empowered her.
To not draw myself closer,
I’d have been a coward.
My thoughts ran amuck,
yet in the muck
is where they flowered
like a lotus;
dreaming beautifully, yet only fantasy.
No I didn’t stop to notice.
To really look clearly.
To see that she,
didn’t feel the same for me.
I was too lost in love,

With a girl that I loved,
so unconditionally.
jackary May 2018
Critics and peers will always try to rate us.
The thought is sweet; the thoughts are often not.
They take what’s so dynamic, fluid, and full.
And try to shift it to stiffened, solid, and dull.
Maybe it’s just me and my mind,
but it seems to be that we the people
turn each other feeble, and
***** each other with poisoned needles, I find.
There’s ‘Welcome’ on the doormat,
though are we truly welcoming?
There’s always someone below
and unwelcomed, at that.

The outcast.
The pariah.

The one.

Who feels like the single person
the people and world are against.
Someone who turns their back
to the world,
because when has the world had
their back ever?
Maybe it’s just me and my mind,
but it seems to be, as soon as we
get a clue is when the sky turns
back from black to blue,
and a heart turns back
from black to red, and
saves a Soul that's living dead.

— The End —