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  Apr 2015 Nick Web
Ayaba Babe
Every night before I rest my head
I strip myself down until I am bare;
What's mine is His
So with Him I share.
I lie myself down across the bed and prepare to implement my prayers so that we may be intimate.
He enters me, penetrating my entirety
He relies on me
I ride on His serenity
Until He releases all of the devil's ties incising me
He restrains my frame and forces me to refrain from dancing in the flame
Cast by my demons.
Like draining,
He empties me
Of all residual sin remaining within
He comes
Into the heart of my soul
And we console each other.
Heavy breathing,
Until Amen
We continue on conceiving
Until I am whole again.
He smothers my heaving chest
With His Love
His Love
He covers me, in the midst of
His love,
He puts me to rest.
  Mar 2015 Nick Web
WendyStarry Eyes
Family is what we all dream to be
We may not want to admit it is actuality
Truth be known
All humans instill
A faithful knowledge
Our true Father lives above
Portraying nonjudgemental love
Some humans refuse this truth forever
Or for so long
Humans we insist we are so independently strong
We must constantly question life
We even tell others of their wrongs
We are so hard headed
"You see He must have a plan for ME"
It may be Our Fathers plan
For this humanistic madness
To never end
He is teaching us lessons
They may never come to a rest
Because we humans aren't the best
We keep slammin each other into the walls
When all we have to do is
Give Him

*­I'm just believing
  Mar 2015 Nick Web
Arlo Disarray
One glass
Two ice cubes
Three shots of bourbon
For me to enjoy

My day quickly fades at your presence, my sweet friend
Thank you so much for this pleasure, you truly are a treasure
I never want my time with you to end

Dear Bourbon,

Thank you for this night
For taking my day and setting it right
Thank you for the way that you strongly taste
Like a kick in the teeth, a punch in the face
I love it, I won't let a sip go to waste
It's hard for me to keep a slow pace, sometimes at the bar it feels like a race
To see how many guys I can chase
Taunting them with my porcelain face

Thank you, dear Bourbon
You give me strength
You show me how to dull my pain
To take the day and set it free
As I sip on my cold whiskey
  Mar 2015 Nick Web
g clair
"I think we try too hard, he said
we need to laugh much more instead"-
"I think we cry too much, she laughed
we're starved for love until we're fed."

"I think we spend too much he reasoned
need to save for rainy days"-
"I think we leave too much unseasoned
spice it up with mayonnaise!"

"I think we eat too much, he stated
we've got all this fat to shed"
:and I think walking's overrated
lets just ride our bikes instead."

"I think I'm talking to a wall
you cannot hear a word I say"-
"but I've responded to them all
just maybe not in your own way."

I think he thinks too much she pondered
I can't read his mind at all
and every time his eyes have wandered
spikes are sharp before the stall...

"I think I'm needing something more"
and she knows what he's thinking of
"Be my guest, don't let that door
besmirch your tender side, my love."

"I think I'm made for bigger things
than being saddled here with you"-
"but oh be sure those bigger butts
are gonna buck your system too!

She thinks "he has it way too easy,
thinks I want to hear this stuff!"
tells him that she's feeling queasy
"heard it all, enough's enough!"

She thinks it hurts too much to talk
about the things he puts her through
her tendency to shout and balk
has raised the foam up from the brew

and seeing clearer, painful truth
his disregard grew from that day
mistook the *** for love in youth
and clung to that which came her way

Daddy never knew his daughter
never built her up to know
how she was loved above the water
that he drank or his big toe.

It's sad the man that she admired
never knew how she'd be burned.
because the love from Dad required
words and  lessons never learned.

and to the wounding add some salt
the failure of the best to choose her
now she sees it's not her fault
she cannot tell the best from loser.

Mum was quite the same you see
a distance there but never spoken
always mediocrity
discontent, lines blurred and broken.

"I think I'll wait another year
before I set my course to sail"-
"why wait, just throw me off right here
this roller coaster's off it's rail"

to this He says, " You're here beside me
for the long haul as they say"
" I think it's best we keep on riding
tell me later, in the hay."

Lots of pain in barbed sarcasm
each has blocked the other's heart  
words in action killed the passion
boundaries blurred and torn apart.

Respect, protect your precious boundary
that which makes you who we are
love yourself and then each other
shining love and sparkling star.

When the boundary violator
makes you feel less than dirt
tell each other now, not later
how that word or action hurt.

I think we try too hard, he said
we need to laugh much more instead-
I think we cry too much, she laughed
we're starved for love until we're fed.

Relational dysfunction, We are all products of some kind of brokenness which leads to our developing our own dysfunctional patterns. Choosing that which fits into our dysfunctional comfort zones, that which accepts our personal coping mechanisms. This poem illustrates from my own experience brokenness and blurred boundaries. Most important thing to do is forgive others and love yourself . If you can't love yourself , you will never be able to choose the right people to share your life with.
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