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 Feb 20 ilias
Jump to the river, what did I see?
A black-eyed angel swimming with me
A pool full of stars and astral cars
Oh all the things I used to see
All my lovers were there with me
All my fears were turning into nothing
A slow dagger to make me feel
It hurts less when we are free
Jump on the world, what did I see?
A wolf trying to dream in his sleep
A pool full of sharks, and magnesium sparks
Oh all the things I used to believe
All my friends were there for me
All my fears were calling it quits
A push on the head to make me feel
It hurts more than when I start to breathe.
the quietest knife is uneasy to hold
 Feb 3 ilias
I break into a million pieces
sharp, attune, ready to puncture

Step all over my broken pieces and bleed into me
I want them to suffer as I have
 Jan 2 ilias
Ciel Noir
To Be
 Jan 2 ilias
Ciel Noir
I am not ashamed
to still be alive

I asked myself the question
and I chose to be

I held on
I was strong
and I survived

every new year
every sunrise
every single time I open my eyes

is another victory
blue fire surrounds you
tints you sacred
extends itself in waves
to all who meet you
them from their ignorance
and the a-theism of their minds
them from their dis-ease of the heart
begins to bond them to themselves
and baptizes them in the Blood

this is no strange fire
it is the fire of the burning bush
the fire that leads by night
and is smoke by day
ever present in the wilderness
of exodus:
the blue fire of Love

c. 2023 Roberta Compton Rainwater
 Sep 2023 ilias
Now I rest, for here I build heaven,
Within this chimney, on the edge of infinity.
Here I shall find a place for my idyl,
Down by where the corn fields lead.
That which I sow shall not be forgotten,
Lest I grow weary of my Harvest deeds.
And that which is dead shall reresurrection!—
Abundance! abundance!—
Like the changing of the autumn leaves.
 Sep 2023 ilias
Kit Scott
 Sep 2023 ilias
Kit Scott
i believe in a gentle kind of love
all soft and soothing and
just right
when i am so terribly, irritatingly fragile
fingers running down my back while we lie
rib to rib, heart to heart
listening to the beat, and to the breath
and perhaps it is that, in this world of rough and tumble
of screaming and aching, to believe in a love kind and sweet is
a naivety but i find that
because of all this roaring outside our window, i much prefer
to think of that love sweet and kind
and us, tangled around each other, i think, yes

i find that i believe in a gentle sort of love
 Jul 2023 ilias
 Jul 2023 ilias
no longer a poet
or a muse / simply
an inoperable tumor
/party tattoos and
crushed cigarettes
one/ done / fast /repeat
i'm cold and tired
 Jul 2023 ilias
Please don’t fall back to sleep,
I pray the gods this road to keep.
I travel on through a life of snow,
the heavens shines the moon aglow.
There beneath my weary aging feet
the crush of snow two foot deep.
A racing breath of frozen air
it’s so good to be
alive out here!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
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