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unnamed Oct 2017
In a meadow of wilted flowers,
I thought I was the only rose.
Standing out with my bright red petals, with a beautiful green stem.
A rose that would captivate you.
One that would make you only pay attention to me.

But you weren’t paying attention to me.
You danced through the meadow of wilted flowers, and I had thought you were here to pick me up.
To love me.

You trampled upon my beautiful petals.
Leaving my stem folded in two,
With my beautiful red petals crumpled and scattered.

To you, I was just as bad as a wilted flower.
With my thorns only pricking fingers.
My thorns that had only hurt you.
My thorns that were a bother.
My thorns that you despised.
My thorns that burdened you.

With the image of your crimson red blood running down your fingers popping through your mind when you thought of claiming me.

And eventually, you left me.
Running past the wilted flowers,
Trampling me.

You embraced something else.
Someone else.
A girl,
With much more beauty.
A girl who gave you more.
Who loved you more.
Who wouldn’t hurt you.

And perhaps this was for the best.
Because you wanted something as beautiful as a rose.

While you had two options.
It wasn’t hard for you to choose.
My petals were scattered around the green grass,
A brown color starting to come invade the beautiful red.

And slowly, with each day you never came to me.
My heart broke a little more.
And a petal fell with each crack in my heart.

She had the beautiful crimson red petals that continued to bloom ever so beautifully.

But all I had left to offer were thorns.
And slowly, my beauty faded.

Along with my heart.
unnamed Feb 2018
it's been two months,
yet not a day has gone by without me thinking of you.

you were an angel that had gotten lost and fell on earth.

the angel that none of us deserved,
but needed.

through your beautiful lyrics,
you touched our hearts
and brought fixed our shattered hearts.

you were always so happy,
but you were unhappy

no one noticed your pain,
your screams for help,
your screams for someone to just tell you
that you did an amazing job.

and two months ago,
you found your way back home.
and you brought us the pearl aqua green moon.
i hope you're happy, my dearest rolemodel.
you did well. you did amazing.
unnamed May 2018
i wish our love was a broken record,
repeating the song of our beating hearts and
repeating the song of our soft "i love you"s.
our song came to an end.
unnamed Aug 2019
maybe my broken pieces weren't meant to be reassembled.
another restless night of tears

— The End —