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  Jan 10 honeyed
Tammy M Darby
As the Thunderbolt God Jupiter
Saturn’s brother
Pursued his loves in disguise
The Goddess Hera sat upon her throne
Irritated and plotting
Gazing with angry jealous eyes

Oh, courageous intelligent Athena
****** Goddess of the hunt
Dare the foolish to cast eyes upon her unclothed
Under the sentence of a tortuous death
Its said by many she was not birthed
But sprang surprisingly from her father’s head

The lovely Aphrodite
Would melt the hearts of many a man
Who would offer up their life
For but a faint touch of her hand

The Light God Apollo admirer of the word, reciting poetry
Pluck the gold lyres delicate strings
While the sea god Poseidon’s twelve daughters
Dressed in dripping seaweed began to sing

Ares of the bold god of war
Feared conqueror and great warrior
Planted flowers
As was his custom in the spring

Artemis in fervent haste strung her magical bow
For it was pursuit that stirred her blood
It flowed through her veins
Aged Roman wine
Running stags through shadowy woods

The gods of the Kings
The Gods of the people
To whom many sacrifices were made
Lived thousands of years beyond the lifespan of man
So, say the storytellers of olden times and past days

All right Reserved. Tammy M. Darby. Jan. 31, 2019
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  Jan 10 honeyed
You whispered in my ear, “I’ll always love you”
I whispered in yours “I know”
We sat under the stars
We stared at the infinite, we spoke about endless possibilities
We dreamed
I reminded you of that night
You said you didn’t remember
You reminded me of all my mistakes
I reminded you of all my accomplishments
You whispered in my ear “I can’t love you anymore”
I whispered in yours “neither can I”
The fall
  Sep 2019 honeyed
Shubham Solanki
What if trees could move
Would they stay where we do
Would they filter our CO2
I say the answer's NO.

They would rather want a place of their own
Away from humans with axes and saws
Where they'll be at peace
Doing stuff like photosynthesis.

Wonder what would happen then
Wait,Don't bother,Do not say
We'll all be dead anyway!
climate change is real,it is about time we act consciously and help plant more trees. Global warming is coming for us all.
  May 2019 honeyed
Caleb Nathan
my brain’s a big bumblebee
floating and fluttering
wherever its
creased heart desires

its indented lines
- or black and yellow stripes -
wisps of a weary world;

corollaries of
the honey
and the rain
and the earth’s
ambiguous haze
that’s sent so many
flailing flip-flops
at me
- but also -
it’s sent
bundles of exuberance
in the form of
wistful wisteria

purple bundles
and my big bumblebee brain
sharing whispered secrets
so that not even
- the universe -
can listen
- can soil -
our untapped honey
dripping out of our
full bright sprightly

- this -
is an ode
to my big bumblebee brain
bumbling through life
unperturbed and acquiescing,
to the flailing flip-flop
who knows no better
than attempting to
dismantle and drain
our syrupy soporific
honey secrets.

after all,
that flip-flop
does save
the fragile foot
with its wet tissue delicacy
from jagged pebbles
who also
know no better.

don’t you see;
everything is cyclical,
which is why,
my big bumblebee brain
will attempt
to sting
your ignorant skin
into submission

for no other reason
than to reach
the completion
of this sick cycle;

the same reason
the flailing flip-flop
flails for my
bumblebee brain’s
and one day
will splatter it
all over
its hardy, weathered bottom.

how’s the old
vonnegut saying
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