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steven Aug 2015
i must settle with the
speed of sand as it
cascades onto the
heap, each particle
a memory shard
of late night chats
and broken absolute
promises, earthdrops of
silica falling frictionless without
complaint like the way we drifted apart,
the mound of regret a soft malleable thing able to
be shaken and reversed but never lessened, every
grain a lesson, a small piece of us lost among the mistakes.
steven Aug 2015
I am everything that
can stop me. These
words take either seconds
or centuries, and I choose
indefinitely much too often.
I think in millions, write in
scores, love in ones—I
belong to the atmosphere
swimming in auroras,
always a spectrum of
mystery. I create what is
not human. I create what
Survives time. There's nothing
left to do but create.
  Aug 2015 steven
Ruzica Matic
he taught dead languages
with a passion
that made her so alive
- ancient dawns
across new skies
syllables rhyming
in the dark

creased pages
corners upturned
whispers of pencils
whispers of rains

trailing long fingers
down memory lanes
writing letters
on window panes
steven Aug 2015
The chair is always empty.
I imagine faceless men there,
Watching the muscles in my
Face shift like tectonic plates.
I dream up their arms big and
Strong like oceans that wash
Against my continents.
These men have no shadows,
Just bodies. They speak in
death grips, keep me sane.
Seconds spill into the night,
And I am still alone. I stand
To leave and they remain
To haunt me when I wake.
steven Aug 2015
screaming slashed thoughts
words without direction
fighting invisible forces
neurotic scratching we
exist in two conflicting
dimensions never ending
retaliation blind
diving everything
slowing down, down
before the crash, the
impaling, the release—

steven Aug 2015
We stand back to back
eyes closed
hands pocketed
hearts filling with the black air.
I sense your attention drifting
in clouds
surrounding me
begging me to dream.
I must escape your poison
smelling of love and
I must sever the threads
of one-way desire
that bind me to your
luring shadow.
I deserve to love someone who loves me
steven Aug 2015
some days I write
wild my fingertips
tipsy electromagnetic
light shows in my
kingdom constant
earthquake in my
bones gaps in my
voice but never my
words caverns of
regret where I bury
you hourly trapped
breath & smoky
                 to feel you
underneath my skin
kisses like raindrops
soft linens clean
insides the carpet in
every shade of us we
two nonconformists we
two ends of infinity.
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