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Ruzica Matic Jul 2017
pigeons still
wait for meals
by that bench
where Sun once grew
in tufts of gold

girls skipping classes
to window shop
their scarves wild
and their nails chipped

tough boys go out and smoke
and cough and dance
and act brave
and cut their hair
in the dark

and words of a new language
tumble down our tongues
head over heels
tasting strange
but falling into place
after all
Ruzica Matic Jul 2017
dust and smoke
old bones
and rusty thrones
fade in the mist
our train
heading to a new place
will we be missed?

will we forget the smell
are we destined
forever to dwell
on stories
and words
that swell
out of eyes
and hands
and feet
out of
foggy tunnels
and ***** sleet
Ruzica Matic Jul 2017
I woke up rainy one day
with storm in my eyes
my feet already wearing boots

I was ready to wade into the river
to tear up nets set by strange hands
break the barriers keeping the current captive

then leave wet footprints on the shore
with the wind leashed by my side
a loyal wolf
- dog eyed and only half wild
Ruzica Matic Jul 2017
a breaking of a tooth
a crackle crunch of pain
and a perfect dapple
of a dying drying oak
coming together
in the eyes and ears of a storm

that's the place to find all your days
to remember all your sinewy sins
to let the honey-heavy heat of shame
wash you clean
down to your yellowed toes

that's the place to cry
and to listen and to lie

your red rosy fingers blurring your face
and your ordinary eyes
just a common brown

they could always see
so well
Ruzica Matic Jul 2017
there's dust on her face
but she's a girl still
her sensible cotton shirt
is black and loose
and she's so wide now
the dreams and the limbs
strewn across the canvas of her days

cutting into her workman's hands
handles of rough bags
leaving white marks in her blood
still swelling
a little thicker now

stray hairs on her neck
that would have terrified her once
stand proud
just something that's here to stay
and she is not her own
she is her children's blood
and laundry days
and all those times she smiled
through tears
and patted little heads

she's more real the the ocean
she never saw
and just as salty
just as wild
woman mom life
Ruzica Matic May 2016
my brittle bones
are cramped now
slinky and snug
like a clinging dress
but too pretty
not to wear
your footprints
suspended in the empty
echoes of the city on your trail

my hand holding your hand
a perfumed secret
sprouting whispers
which bite
like thorns
and jagged bones

our souls
two hummingbirds
in frightful flight
with wings fast
ready to ignite
Ruzica Matic May 2016
my best friend,
plucking grey hairs
from the top of my head
chasing away the cracks
around eyes and mouth
forever eighteen

laughing in the sun
drinking hot chocolate
in the heat of July
painting our lips
practicing kisses in mirrors
over and over again

window shopping for boys
with wild hair
and dangerous smiles
driving nowhere
midnight striking the clocks
all around town

forever eighteen
days stretching before us
an endless buffet
a bursting bouquet
what's a little grey
when my eyes are so full of summer
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