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Heather Mirassou Jul 2010
Angel Hair Pasta

****** Oil encased
Oregano, Basil & Thyme

Fragrance ascend
Blonde strands flyway

Garlic Shards dancing
Swim in the wind

Pulsing Beef Stake
Red River Flowing

Seeds flooding

Expertly wound
Atop her head

Angel Hair pasta
Heather Mirassou Copyright 2010
Heather Mirassou Oct 2010
An embryo in a cocoon of safety
slowly unfolds into a world of hands.

Hands of unconditional love
bring her into the beauty of light.

No longer floating
now breathing the lightness of air.

She fights hands and fist
unknowingly being adorned, brought into life.

Kissed by an angel, he leaves his mark
as she is grasped by her loving parents.

She is a gift to them, a gift to this world,
an angel of God.
Copyright Heather Mirassou
Heather Mirassou Oct 2010
Budding bright rivulets
Islands of green groves
Ardent foliage
Idle leaves
Common spirit wild
Distant naked hues
Spot a summit air
April desires
Contentment alive
Copyright Heather Mirassou
Heather Mirassou Mar 2011
The artist strokes his canvas
His hues and tints of beauty
The orator of his creation
The perfect task of impression
Like a beam of sunlight
Rainbows illuminate
Glory and splendor appear
His vision is revelation
Copyright Heather Mirassou
Heather Mirassou Oct 2017
Her skin pink and satin

Trapped **** in a secret vault

I lavish her sweetly

She moans and begins to quiver

Her dazzling sapphire eyes

Swoon over me

I whimper

A ****** begins to charm

Like a candle made of potion

A rare ruby shinning

Dances in the mirror

Subtlely hypnotizing

She tastes like sugar and honeycomb

Her taught fingers

Caressing languorously

Sunset like a fire

Engulfs me

The evening torrents

An aphrodisiac

We tremble into oblivion

In exotic bliss

As my charmed jewel

Lies with me
Heather Mirassou Aug 2010
My chest is full and heavy:
I barely breathe
Until I arrange my fleeting thoughts,
and let my feelings swim.
When listening and watching life
My voice is often mute,
until a cloak-ed pen awakens,
and simple words align.
Pushing  aside raw feelings,
I live life vicariously,
as senses come alive.
Copyright Heather Mirassou
Heather Mirassou Jun 2010
Battle of the Roses
The seashore rages
A lonely night
Angry regrets
Memories flooding

Drinking after work
Tired, impatient
Peace, quiet

Cursing cruelly
Screaming obscenities
Children hiding
Shaking, violently

Anger explodes
Shattering dishes
Chasing after her
I want to break her neck

Out of control
Pushing, shoving
Angry, spit spat


Silent tears
Angry rant
Courage on fire

Broken nose
Fight back
Hushed children
Fitful sleep
Apologies, excuses
Beg, plead
Threats of divorce
Regrets flood

A Dozen red roses
Battle of the roses
Breaking my heart
Gone forever
Copyright, Heather Mirassou   June 30,2010
Heather Mirassou May 2010
“Be Alive In Everything”
I had heard it before and for a moment in time
I had awaken and was alive
But when fear, adversity, uncertainty and sin left me stranded
I raised my protective shield and ran with the wind
My soul stirred, whispered, cried for release
I wanted tranquility, happiness and contentment

I hit my knees unashamed
Prayed for strength, guidance and humility
No longer to let life pass me by
I took a leap of faith
Acceptance and forgiveness paved my path
Unwavering love and perseverance carried me
God’s Beautiful Artistry

With blind and deaf awareness
Be Alive in Everything
Revel in life
Find the detail
Be precise
Touch Everything

Be Inquisitive
Touch it
Taste it
Smell it
Feel it
Record it with Clarity

Be Alive in Everything
Now Go Paint the Rain
Copyright Heather Mirassou      5/11/2010
Heather Mirassou Aug 2010
Childhood blackness
Trusting in silence
Trying to recall
Memories of water
Chasing Dreams
Copyright Heather
Heather Mirassou Oct 2010
Good morning rooster
How do you do?
It’s the crack of dawn
You ****-a-doodle-do
You sit on your perch pride fully and woo
Standing mighty and bold you call your brood for food

Sleek and graceful you do the cockerel waltz
Strutting vaudeville statuesque
Crowing to proclaim your territory
You stand protecting your roost
***** and brave
Watching for predators coming your way

The alpha male
Your earlobes and crown are blood red like a bird of paradise
Your steel beak as strong as a saw
Your feather mane chestnut drapes over your back
Your breast fuchsia and emerald quill
Your silken tail an extended fan

You run free reign on my ranch
A thousand chickens roost in my barn
You rearrange my garden while pecking for nourishment
Eating up all the insects and brown recluses in my yard
In dust you and your flock bathe
You even watch over the hens eggs

Your calls distinct and powerful
When you are still and content sweet singing rings
You are friendly to humans
And can even be domesticated
Stay here Roo
We will protect you
Copyright Heather Mirassou
Heather Mirassou Jun 2010
My Darling
Your fingertips
Slightest touch
My skin rippling
Goose bumps
Like prickly pears
Sizzling fire
Desperate ache
Primitive desire

My Neck
Bountiful harvest
Taste of Sweet
Lays in wait
Begging you
Blowing breath
Your tongue
Tingling heat

My Body
An Hourglass
Voluptuous curves
Gentle *****
Soft as silk
Electrifying splendor
Blood pulsating
Taught and tight
Hypnotizing ecstasy

Your Body
Pleading me
Perfect design
My delight
Madness penetrates
Primitive union
Fevered passion
Quaking pleasure
Warm glow surrounds
Copyright Heather Mirassou
Heather Mirassou Jan 2015
I see naked droplets

of subtle honey bee.

Love released beyond

our summer lending trees.

Beyond a breeze

glow-worm light shines bright.

Love wheel delight

For the stars are giddy tonight.
Heather Mirassou Feb 2015

dare mutest thee

heaven’s sanctity.

Now them hast

deep spirits

quickening breath.

A vision childless

breaking virtues

angel’s slumber in death.
Heather Mirassou Feb 2015
Wonder amorously
Blood brimming
Wilderness vessel
Every droplet wet
Chaste with soul
Hips become fierce
Thighs become fiery
Thrusting,pumping and springing
Chasms burst
Your glorious spring cascades
Heather Mirassou Jun 2010
It’s been quite
Some time
Since someone
Do you see me?

I am Here
My beautiful
Genuine smile
Smiling at
The world

Beside me
Don’t you
See my
Chiseled calves
And voluptuous
A mile high

I may be over
But my *****
And Skips
To a
Funky beat
With a tip-toe
Skip, Hop & dance
That only I know

My eyes
Liquid blue
At magic
In the

My skin
An Irish
From my

My limbs
Covered from
Head to toe
With Wisps
Of Blond hair
From my

Like my
And French
My heart
By Wine

My Blood
Passion for

My fingertips
Reminiscent of
God’s great earth
The Goddess

Laced with
From my
Writing pen
A kaleidoscope
Into my
Soul within

My voice
An accent
Slung with
And love

So if you
See me
Down the
On just
An ordinary

Stop to
Smell the
May the
And lulling
Pass your

Your day
Do a little
Hop, skip & jump
And feel
In your

Make sure
To Smile
My way
Don’t forget
For I am
For someone
To see me
Copyright,Heather Mirassou 2010
Heather Mirassou Jun 2010
A father adoring eyes
Expressions of love
Kindness and compassion
A father mentoring
patience and understanding
strength and courage
A father who is fun
laughs and runs
plays with his son
A father who listens
meek and mild
open-minded and moral
Be proud father
Your son is a scholar
And an agile athlete
Be proud father
Your son is a vision of you
who will carry your traits
Be proud father
Your son shows your heart
soul and spirit
Be proud father
Your son an incredible young man
the world is in his hands
Be proud father
Your son has a dream
he is a miracle of you
Copyright, Heather Mirassou   June 30, 2010
Heather Mirassou Jun 2010
No longer affectionate, attentive, thoughtful eyes;
instead, an expressionless, invisible, blank stare.

No longer strolling hand-in-hand, carelessly;
instead, walking moonbeams apart, drifting like clouds.

No longer drowning in passionate, lingering kisses;
instead, an obligatory, awkward, fleeting peck.

No longer two hearts bow-tied with strings;
instead, reclusive, lonely hearts, in a noose.

No longer dreaming of a lifetime together;
instead, an uncertain, somber, painful future.

No longer a confident, loving wife;
instead, a heartsick, lonely, aging woman,

Desperately afraid of losing you.
Copyright, Heather Mirassou
Heather Mirassou Jun 2010
Long after we met
Still standing in forever
Our kindred spirits released
Beyond our wildest desires

To find love alone together
For I found you there
In nights glow lights
Full of moon beams

Shed of inhibitions
With no one to see
I kissed you secretly
Under the naked tree

Webbed in shadows
Embraced yet still free
For I found you there
In the warmth of the eve

Without a summer breeze
To be dancing in the droplets
Of Nectar sweet as a honey bee
Subtle light and free

To fly with you in dreams
Relished natures fantasy
Will blush my heart
When our lips touch

For I found you there
Copyright Heather Mirassou
Heather Mirassou Aug 2010
Foster child of silence
What did you say?
You were always instructed to smile
It was a woman’s way
Your smile is corrugated
You eyes sheathed in despair
You yearn for a rush of happiness
You wear your masks expertly
Until your hidden emotions bleed
You pace and pray to make them go away
But you cannot stay sane in this facade
White padded walls embrace you
Until your soul is cut in two
You finally speak
But no one listens to you
No light on the horizon
Only darkness that ties you down
You don nakedness
You plant your feet in a potted tree
Hoping to go back to a place,  safe and serene
Instead on the cusp of losing your mind
You hear voices calling out
Telling you that they love you
You look all around for them
But remain alone in the padded room
Your mental illness you cannot control
It is the monster in your heart that wants to let go
You gather your strength above no other
To put another mask of sanity on your face
You play your facade expertly
And you are released for a time
Until you become a danger to yourself or others again
Where is your gratitude?
Just for today
You have been given multiple chances
Of a second chance at life
Remove the lock and key from your soul
Seek help and slowly let the pain come
Don’t let it drown you
Some memories have been taken away by God
Other’s  have endured with his assistance
But what is wisdom and life without trial
Begin to forgive and begin to heal
Let the dragons come head on
With your family by your side
You are not alone
Speak your voice or ink your pen
But do not be a victim
To the demons inside
Take off your running shoes
Go barefoot in earth’s paradise
Walk to the ends of the Earth
And God will kiss your blisters away
You will no longer be despondent
No longer suffocating in your silence
You will remain on the path to freedom
Break from the constant
Begin to live again
Free yourself
Find the courage and the voice
To say goodbye to the old demons
The harmony in your heart is your life giving force
Heather Mirassou Copyright 2010
Heather Mirassou Feb 2010
I inhale
Your Intoxicating fragrance
Pheromones entice
Lingering passion
Sun and sky sweet
I am delirious
Dancing in your
Wakening melodies
Bouquet of pearly-white peaks

I Awake
In your quicksand soil
Scattering seeds
Delicate sea legs
Wobbly wooden stalks
Germinating roots
A newborn flower
Fragile, Fertile foliage

I swallow
Your clear spring geyser
Brisk diamond water
Raining sky water
Relieve my parched
Withering body
Stealing grace
Sea of Fertility

I Rejoice
Your Renewing promise
I am breathless
Wild ecstasy
A Cacophony of birdsong
My petals
Gorgeous milk fluff
A canopy of tranquility
In the shape of a heart
Heather Mirassou Jul 2010
In sunny solitude
The swelling seas
Erase the bank of haze
Birds begin to sing
A skylark soars in the air

Purple hills of paradise
No longer dampened souls
Tossing and turning in the night
Pearl white peaks
Hypnotize across the planet

The color of strength
Of a rainbow myriad
Green cascading canopies
No longer drinking
Nature’s tears away

With fluorescent green
Humming birds
Under the turquoise sky
The vintage rustic vines
Are revived to a new life

Rejoicing hearts
Of amethysts and emeralds
Are awakened from
The breeze of heaven
Vines whisper in awe

Her sun
Sky sweet bliss
Fountain overflows
To twilight shade
Robed fields of gold

Her young berries
Plump and iridescent
Until harvest comes
She will say goodbye
And again renew
Heather Mirassou Copyright 2010
Heather Mirassou Sep 2010
Almighty Jehovah God

Sovereign Lord of the Universe

Created the Earth and sky

The Stars and the Moon

Galaxies and Molecules

The Ocean and the Mountains

He created Mankind

In his Image

Jehovah God

Created the Beginning

Time Indefinite to Time Indefinite

He created Life Everlasting

He spoke through his Angels

And made Righteous Laws

Laws to be followed

For Everlasting Life

Jehovah God

He is a Lover of Justice

He is Vigorous in Power

He is Holy

He is Creative

He has Divine Wisdom

He is our Refuge

He will Restore Us

Jehovah God

He is Humble

He is Self-less

He is Love

He is Fair

He is Merciful

He is Patient

He is Compassionate

Jehovah God

Father Almighty God

Provided a Way






Jehovah God

Gave his only Begotten Son

A Ransom for our Sins

For Everlasting Life

Our Reigning King Christ Jesus

Made in Perfection

The Word of God

Our Savior

Jesus Christ

The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

Lowly in Heart

Brave as a Lion

Healer of the Sick

Wise Teacher


Preacher of the Good News

Jesus Christ

An Example

A Leader

A Student

He Compels Us

He Motivates Us

He Moves Us

He Saves Us

Jehovah God

Has called to my Heart

He knows my Mind

He sees my Potential

He knows my Sins

He knows my Repentance

He knows my Hope

He knows my Faith

Jehovah God

In your Son Christ Jesus Name

I am your Witness

I love Your Word

I will Follow

I will Lead

I will Love

I will be an Example
Copyright Heather Mirassou 2009
Heather Mirassou Aug 2010
A smile resonates upon my face
Words spark through my inquisitive mind
Feelings begin to radiate within my heart
My finger tap-dance across my keyboard

My soul grasps freedom
The burdens of the past extinguished
The bright future in abundance
God whispers hope and faith
Miracles plentiful appear
Copyright Heather Mirassou
Heather Mirassou Jan 2015
In the wee hours
I am wakeful
When clouds are nesting
And the wind is thrusting
Carnival wildflowers glow

Twinkling in painted fields
a moon overflowed
And the rain begins to rouse
I rise in a dream
where my spirits soar
I faintly kiss the stream
Heather Mirassou Oct 2010
Peaches and pears your delight
Divine roses a gift from your wife

Your favorite soups and stews
Lamb and veal cooked to and fro

In silence in your hammock
Hoping the sun melts the cancer away

If I were there
I would rub your brow and wet your lips

If I were there
I’d warm your sheets and fluff your pillows

If I were there
I would bring you home under the old oak tree

If I were there
I would fill your house with sunflowers

If I were there
I would sing sweet poetry melody

If I were there
I would lay next to you and comfort you

If I were there
I would read you prayers

If I were there
I would have said goodbye

My knight and shining armor
Copyright Heather Mirassou
Dedicated to my father; Jim Mirassou
Heather Mirassou Aug 2010
I keep on loving you
Year after year
We stand side-by-side
In this crazy life

Like nature and earth
Our bond never broken
Please remind me darling
Why you love me so

When you say
“You love me more than the
Earth, moon, the sky and stars”
I have no doubt

Your liquid aqua eyes
Like a baby blue sky
I see upon your
Gentle and serene face

Your heart echoing
Our heart-strings stronger
Than the yoke that bound us
Many years ago

Your heavy breath
Like a steamy
Dawn upon
A rustling brook

Your humble smile
Welcoming Me
Till eternity

Your blond hair
Playing peek-a-boo
Like a sly fox
Inviting me to play

Your arms
Wide and inviting
A safe haven
To fit my mold

Your word
Built of steel
Your integrity
Crystal clear

Your laughter
Like honey dew
A Reflection upon
A mirrored lake

Our love soars
Like an eagle mid-flight
Like the cotton clouds
Dancing in delight

My heart
Is yours forever
To quench your
Every desire
Copyright Heather Mirassou
Heather Mirassou Jun 2014
In a dream I felt the cool white
His sweet madness
Among anchor water lilies
The willows were trembling

A nest of twilight kisses
Where the stars are shivering

Scented sweet and wild
From violet forests
Our arms intertwine
With beads of love
Heather Mirassou Jul 2010
“King of the Hill” you begin to play
You bump, bump, bump and sway
You see a perfect high landing spot
On an upside-down horse trough

You hop, jump and fly slowly through mid-air
Your small hooves landing easily on two pairs
You strut your stuff on the cold steel effortlessly
Showing your body strength and dancing dexterity

As you put on your crown and look up at the sky
You friends bow down from side-to-side
You are “king of the hill” showing off your expert dance
She winks at you way up top and begins her **** prance

She pretends to hide but curiously you see her peek
You join her in a private game of hide-and-seek
She quickly finds you hiding in the prickly hay
You blush and nuzzle her chestnut face

Her body slender and strong topped with white angora fur
You rub her lovingly as she lets out a soft lulling magic purr
She continues to flirt winking her eyes with her head hung low
You excitedly whisper sweet-nothings she agrees you may be her beau

You rub your tickling head against her horns beaming with pride
You motion to her, let’s go play all seriousness aside
You join the other kids who are tryin to reach the sky
Together you dance and sway, jump, hop and fly
Copyright 2010 Heather Mirassou
Heather Mirassou Jun 2010
If you sit beside me
Perhaps you will see

Life is but a dream
Life is full of wonder

And beautiful
Mysterious things

My life is splendid
And lovely to my dismay

It is not without blemish
It is not perfect or in a regretful way

My life is full of golden peaks
Made of heart and soul

An abundance of love
Unselfish and whole souled

In the prime of my life
A humble man set my soul afire

He is my saving grace
My knight-and-shining armor

All these days
You have loved me tenderly

You help fill a childhood void
You love me unconditionally

You love me whole-heartedly
You love me unselfishly

You are compassionate
Sympathetic and kind

You are affectionate
And never to tire of me

I will love you
Copyright, Heather Mirassou 6/27/2010
Heather Mirassou Nov 2010
Your skin glows
Like peach blossoms

As lovely as daffodils
In the purest hope of spring

My heart strings follow each strum of a harp
Your voice a hypnotic melody

I leap like a cricket
at the whisper of your name

The evening floats
On a great parrot wing

I am comforted
With you by my side

I hold you tight
Like two twilight beams across the sky

In the listless evening
I listen for the last chime of the day

I lye with you
In lavender moonlight

Hand-in-hand we reach our destiny
For a mystical shower of love
Copyright Heather Mirassou
Heather Mirassou Apr 2010
I am drawn to you like
The stars to the midnight skies
The Earth to the burning sun
Water to thirsting flowers

I am comfortable with you like
An old pair of boots
A faded pair of jeans
My favorite sweater and scarf

I am at peace with you like
Sitting in a boat in the middle of a lake
Taking a walk in silence in the country
Listening to rain drops fall in the dark of night

I am alive with you
Like the laughter that is uncontrollable
The heart that goes thump, thump, thump
Running through wildflowers in the wilderness

Every ounce of my being
Mind, body and soul are riveted by you
I am alive with you, free with you,
comfortable with you I love you

Heather Mirassou
A poem I wrote for my husband.
Heather Mirassou Jul 2010
As snow does to a fire that runs
Blue white Ophelia floats
Mad with love as magnificent as snow
And among water lilies
Star which melts away
The wind kisses her *******
Shivering willows
A nest of mad kisses
Curves of her back
In each soft corner
From violet forests
His sweet brow
On the seascape
The calm black water
Black moss embroidered
Her great veils rising
Why the goldenrod stars
Love her reflection madly
The rivers are a sail
Shadow flowers with bale
Scented twilight
A pearl sky
Copyright Heather Mirassou 2010
Heather Mirassou Jan 2010
Almost naked except
A dangling Marlboro cigarette  

Expertly stroking his lover
Fingers caress a slender body

Methodically engulfing aroma
The sweet smell of ***

Swollen lips surround
Waves of rapture quiver

Eyelashes and eyeballs flutter
Sinking into oblivion

Head bobbing like a pendulum
Savoring lingering lust

Inhaling smoke languidly
******* every undying toxin

Heather Mirassou
Copyright, Heather Mirassou 2010
Heather Mirassou Feb 2015
Embroidered ivory mountains

flowing tipped waterfalls

and melodious violet fields.

A thousand madrigals

and fragrant Myrtle groves.

The rivers and streams

sing sweet rapture


As the celestial hidden skies

hover Venus charms

and quivering goddess sighs.
Heather Mirassou Apr 2010
Your voice, like a river rippling,
waves of goose bumps,
awaken my inner spirit,
fill me with delight.

Your gaze, magnetic, blue
moonlight bright,
clear as the evening night,
gently captures my inner light.

Your heart, speaks softly, soulfully,
whispering faithfully,
sometimes silently,
but never in spite.

Your touch, captivating, tranquil, slight,
caressing me slowly,
surrounding me,
with all of your might.

Your smile, brilliant, bright,
tantalizing, on a steamy summer night,
summoning me gently,
to be your wife.
Copyright, Heather Mirassou 2010
Heather Mirassou Oct 2017
October is a beggar

Knocking on doors

Snatching golden leaves

In Autumn
Heather Mirassou Oct 2017
Take me to the ocean

Bring the leaping sun

Daybreak is full of diamonds

Dancing swelling tides

Make me want to write
Heather Mirassou Oct 2010
Close your eyes
Feel with your hands and your feet
Listen with your ears
Speak with your mind and heart
Let the earth surround you
Heroes like Helen Keller
Miracles in our midst
Feeling with mind, body and spirit
Everyday of life is precious
Melt the anger away
Accept what is beautiful
Live the gift of life everyday
Copyright Heather Mirassou
Heather Mirassou Jul 2010
Barefoot and dirt-clod
I tip-toe across the yard
Avoiding mounds of stickers
Sharp rocks and weeds

The sky is full
Satin filled milk fluff
And moonshine
Full on me

Our tangerine trees
Rustle with low lying
Bull frogs
Rib bit, rib bit

A symphony of crickets sings
High pitched Beetle mania
I hear a distant “moo” from the cows
A latent “who” from the owls in the barn

The statuesque wind chime
Is playing a cacophony of wind song
This life here engulfs me in its pure and rare beauty
I am one with the country, home again
Copyright, Heather Mirassou   June 30, 2010
Heather Mirassou Oct 2017
Mother Nature beckons

Her brilliant cacophony

Her pine trees

Dancing, swaying, and whispering

Their virescent green

Shimmering through

Blue Hues

Peaceful and calm


Her birds sing

A sweet melody

White puffy clouds


Beams of sunshine

Benevolent to me

Immersed in

Her enchanting beauty

She is bewitching

She is my company
Heather Mirassou Sep 2010
Nature Dawns
Flower fresh love
Perfumed trees
Rose colored affection
Sustenance to our eyes
Mother heaven in the skies
God’s great hand rises
Copyright Heather Mirassou
Heather Mirassou Mar 2015
The forest is dark
by night it’s been swallowed
all things mysterious
all sounds hallowed.

Nature’s nocturnal
all life’s gathered here
although all movements are ghostly
there is nothing to fear out here.

Dark mythical arms
hide the moon
dawn will be arriving
But never too soon.

Crickets shrill
and interrupt the night air
owls cry and make harmony
the nature is so romantic in the air.
Heather Mirassou Oct 2010
She was only fourteen
Happy and vibrant
Awaiting her first kiss
Not noticing who was watching
Her neighbor odd but friendly
Obsessed with her loveliness
Coerced her to stray from safety
She fell into a pit
Dug well ahead of time
It was a heinous crime
She had no time to scream
Unable to fight
He smothered and sliced her
Never to be whole again
Copyright Heather Mirassou
Heather Mirassou Aug 2010
Hershey, black satin, as long as my torso
Diamond green comforting eyes
Velveteen curious nose
Tongue like a pumice stone
Her elegant but waddling stride
Powerful, confident and territorial
Sitting like a queen on her throne
Cat of mine, mother to be

Tuxedo, black and white, bow tie and all
White sock covered feet like satin gloves
Long white elderly whiskers
He reminds me of Fred Astaire
Quick calculated light on his feet
Shy yet debonair
Patient, watchful and full of pride
Father to be

Oreo, friend and foe
White as snow, black face and tail
Large circular patches of black
Fearless fence and roof climber
Youngster full of mischievousness
Paws in the air, tummy exposed to the sun
Purring so loud she vibrates
Kitty of mine
Heather Mirassou Copyright 2010
Heather Mirassou Aug 2010
From seedlings
Raw passion arrives
Teardrops germinate
A questionable love
Free reign love’s geyser
Either uproot and scatter
Or stay and bloom
Copyright Heather Mirassou
Heather Mirassou Aug 2010
The sound of crackling glass
Fills my eardrums and awakens me
A steamy haze beckons me
Barefoot and naked I tap-dance on bubbles
Sweet nectar fills my mouth with delight
The humid rain calms and soothes my sizzling skin
The stars are the brightest I have ever seen
The moon is tucked away in its cradle
Mother Nature has raised her hand for me
Come rain on me
Copyright Heather Mirassou
Heather Mirassou Jun 2014
So **** before the shadows
Like silk against the light

Passion unbreakable
Gummed above the grave

Be watchful
There are ghosts under the mist

Shining awake
Saying goodbye

A phone ringing somewhere
For how long

Forget to go home
Wondering why

The vision has died
Heather Mirassou Jun 2014
I am silver

I have no preconceptions

Unchanged by love or dislike

No cruelty only truth

She turns to the moon

That reflect her faithfully

Now I am like a lake

A mirror of revelation

It is her face that replaced the darkness

She has said goodbye to the young girl

In me I see an old woman

Heather Mirassou Jun 2010
A rose represents beauty
Much like a woman
They are unique
Not one
Is an exact replica
A rose in its glory
Is beaming under
A buttermilk sky
Freshly radiant
With raindrops
Of sky-water
Like a woman
A rose slowly
And methodical
Unravels its core
Will Let go
And mesmerize you
Their embrace
Of unending
Lingering passion
Their mate
A Sea of fertility
Renewing a promise
To return to
For up to
Eighty years
Or death
Of old age
Their skin soft
As velvet satin
As fragile
As porcelain
They unfold
Their Blossom
They come in many
Hues and colors
Blood-silk red
Glistening Ivory
Fresh goldenrod
Baby blue
A rose and a woman
Cannot endear
Without tender affection
And nourishment
If their mates
Take care
They will
Awaken their spirits
And become
As bright
As moonbeams
In a sea of starlight
Their intoxicating Aroma
Pheromones entice
Both rose and woman
Will unfold their souls
Year after year
For your delight
Copyright Heather Mirassou
Heather Mirassou Aug 2010
Old sullen scars
From yesterday's wounds
Heart and soul drowning
To fight another day
Heart strings await
Copyright Heather Mirassou
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