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Jul 2010
“King of the Hill” you begin to play
You bump, bump, bump and sway
You see a perfect high landing spot
On an upside-down horse trough

You hop, jump and fly slowly through mid-air
Your small hooves landing easily on two pairs
You strut your stuff on the cold steel effortlessly
Showing your body strength and dancing dexterity

As you put on your crown and look up at the sky
You friends bow down from side-to-side
You are “king of the hill” showing off your expert dance
She winks at you way up top and begins her **** prance

She pretends to hide but curiously you see her peek
You join her in a private game of hide-and-seek
She quickly finds you hiding in the prickly hay
You blush and nuzzle her chestnut face

Her body slender and strong topped with white angora fur
You rub her lovingly as she lets out a soft lulling magic purr
She continues to flirt winking her eyes with her head hung low
You excitedly whisper sweet-nothings she agrees you may be her beau

You rub your tickling head against her horns beaming with pride
You motion to her, let’s go play all seriousness aside
You join the other kids who are tryin to reach the sky
Together you dance and sway, jump, hop and fly
Copyright 2010 Heather Mirassou
Heather Mirassou
Written by
Heather Mirassou  California
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