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Sep 2010
Almighty Jehovah God

Sovereign Lord of the Universe

Created the Earth and sky

The Stars and the Moon

Galaxies and Molecules

The Ocean and the Mountains

He created Mankind

In his Image

Jehovah God

Created the Beginning

Time Indefinite to Time Indefinite

He created Life Everlasting

He spoke through his Angels

And made Righteous Laws

Laws to be followed

For Everlasting Life

Jehovah God

He is a Lover of Justice

He is Vigorous in Power

He is Holy

He is Creative

He has Divine Wisdom

He is our Refuge

He will Restore Us

Jehovah God

He is Humble

He is Self-less

He is Love

He is Fair

He is Merciful

He is Patient

He is Compassionate

Jehovah God

Father Almighty God

Provided a Way






Jehovah God

Gave his only Begotten Son

A Ransom for our Sins

For Everlasting Life

Our Reigning King Christ Jesus

Made in Perfection

The Word of God

Our Savior

Jesus Christ

The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

Lowly in Heart

Brave as a Lion

Healer of the Sick

Wise Teacher


Preacher of the Good News

Jesus Christ

An Example

A Leader

A Student

He Compels Us

He Motivates Us

He Moves Us

He Saves Us

Jehovah God

Has called to my Heart

He knows my Mind

He sees my Potential

He knows my Sins

He knows my Repentance

He knows my Hope

He knows my Faith

Jehovah God

In your Son Christ Jesus Name

I am your Witness

I love Your Word

I will Follow

I will Lead

I will Love

I will be an Example
Copyright Heather Mirassou 2009
Heather Mirassou
Written by
Heather Mirassou  California
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