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  Jul 2015 Hanny Geraldine
Earl Jane

Friends are blessings,

                                               ­       But when we don't choose wisely,

It becomes a horrendous Gehenna.

                            © Earl Jane
                             ♥ E.J.C.S.
I wrote this long ago, and just found this out, and edited some parts of it....
  Jul 2015 Hanny Geraldine
Should've known we wouldn't last,
Why did I even tried so hard,
But I know I still love you,
I'm sorry I can't be the one.
  Jul 2015 Hanny Geraldine
I can't lie,
There's that tight feeling,
In my chest,
You're suffocating me,
*And it hurts.
Bright eyed darling, where have you gone? Have you no sense in direction?
You've lost yourself in my soul. I have ruined the only good in you, I've ruined your soul. Forgive me darling forgive me please. I am utterly ashamed for what has happened.
Broken is what I am. Forever stolid is how I'll remain now that they have taken away my soul and took you with it.
I don't know how I feel about this one
Hanny Geraldine Jul 2015
I tell you
"I love you"
You tell me
"I love you too
And I want you"
Then you hug me
And your lips meet mine
You take me to your place
We spend a night together
I lay my head on your chest
And you me sleep, safe and sound
Next day I wake up, and realize
It is just another Lucid Dreaming
Lucid dreaming is the ability to consciously observe and/or control your dreams
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