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  Jul 2017 Jane
i'm telling you.
the clouds were meant for the ground.
but they hung themselves.
  Nov 2016 Jane
The stars
       Of the sky,
Like the powers of the EYE.

The moon
       Of the sky,
Like the HEART and its cry.

And of the
Is the sheet of ETERNITY sigh.
  Oct 2016 Jane
Ignatius Hosiana
I still feel my heart shutter
but i guess it doesn't matter
*it was just a lesson to teach me never
to believe those who promise forever.
  Oct 2016 Jane
Ignatius Hosiana
I wish I could even be just
your last option instead of
a choice that
never made it
to your scale
of preference...
  Oct 2016 Jane
Ignatius Hosiana
Is what it'll take
but I'll learn to live without you
and if I fail to do
I'll try and fake...
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