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 Jun 2019 GulRukh
I do not want you to be the reason I lose control of my feelings again
Should I go on that date?
 May 2019 GulRukh
Prerna Singh
I would be broken
Only when
I would be drowning
And would make
No attempt to
 May 2019 GulRukh
 May 2019 GulRukh
So many beautiful words
And no one to say them to
I fear I am an wallflower
pianissimo to your fortissimo
head bowed
malleable as clay
shaping my tongue to be silent

You took the beast within and
removed it's claws
it's fangs
any defense it had
I smiled all the while
baring the pink of my gums
the shade of welts
and a soft flowers bloom

To you, I am the wrong note
in a roaring crescendo of a
nevertheless, stirring embers come to rest
in the corners of my mouth
and I like them.
 May 2019 GulRukh
He was
 May 2019 GulRukh
He was smooth but not understanding
He was charming but not loyal
He was beautiful but a manipulator    
I knew this would come to and end
I knew I was a fool
He was secure but brought my insecurity
He was strong inside but not loving
He was my first but never mine
 May 2019 GulRukh
 May 2019 GulRukh
Press me against you
Like flowers in a book
 Sep 2018 GulRukh
See me
 Sep 2018 GulRukh
You don’t see me.
Or, rather you do,
But only what you want to see.
All the questions,
The smiling faces
What do you want me to say?
I smile,
I nod my head.
That’s what you want to see right?
‘Yes someday’
‘Not just yet, but someday’
Seems sufficient enough to make you go away
For now, anyway…

You don’t see me.
You only see what I want you to see.
Strip me down,
Leave me standing naked
You couldn’t do that,
You wouldn’t do that.
Would you?
Would you?

You want me to bare my soul to you?
You’re not ready.
It’s not me, It’s you.
You’re not ready.
The realisation of your insensitivity.
That’s what you would be.
But don’t worry,
Naked or fully clothed
I will smile, I will nod
Because you don’t need to see me.
I see me.
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