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Pylyp Jun 22
The rhythmic ticking of the clock
Resounding quietly throughout
A dark, cool, lonely cabin

The spider calling home
A water pale, baby blue
Must vacate from the rising water
Giving life to plants beneath

The forest's orchestra
Each bird's sweet chirps
Unseen, yet heard

The fire roared some hours past
Now dying quietly
The embers faintly glowing
Oozing smoke

The mountains shared
Life's harmony
With me
Pylyp Jun 1
To sleep
Of dreams
To wake up
Pylyp May 31
So many beautiful words
And no one to say them to
Pylyp May 28
When darkness settles all around
The world quiets
Stars creep out
To greet a broken soul
Silent companions
Brilliant lights of yesterdays'
On the canvas of the night
Pylyp May 27
The deafening silence
All around
Filling each corner
Of my mind
One by one
Consumes my thoughts
An emptiness
A silent scream
Pylyp May 23
The moon only shines
To reflect
Those eyes
They will blind me
Let me
Drink in the sight
One last time
Brush against me
Hold me
Don't worry
Let go
Vision fades
Into dreams
I'll find you
Let me
Some chapters in life need their own epilogue.
Pylyp Apr 8
String me along
Pull me apart
Put back together
Abandon me

String me along
A little bit longer
Pull me apart
A little bit wider
Put back together
A little bit slower
Still I'm abandoned
Still I come back
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