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Dom Oct 2019
I am the wind that whistles through the sky
I am the flower that so calmly leans on life
I am the ocean that flows through & through

I am a soul that searches within  
I am the strongest bamboo growing   
I am the cactus that provides you with water but the same cactus that provides the sharpest spines of warning  

I am the butterfly that soars beautifully & freely
I am the sun that sheds light
I am also the dark moon that dims light
  Jun 2019 Dom
Dennis Willis
I have good days now
Even good weeks
This wasn't possible
under your regime
Dom May 2019
He was smooth but not understanding
He was charming but not loyal
He was beautiful but a manipulator    
I knew this would come to and end
I knew I was a fool
He was secure but brought my insecurity
He was strong inside but not loving
He was my first but never mine
Dom Mar 2017
You were never good for my soul
But I knew it along
Staying and hoping something would be strong
It turned out to be something that I didn't want
All along I've asked for simple requests and you showed me it wasn't in your best interest
I've given up
From confusion, miss understanding, mis leading and constant fights
I think it's about time we say or goodbyes
I think it’s time I cleanse your skin from mine  
I've had enough
You were someone that I once wanted
That I once thought I could love
But I don't think you're quite enough
  Mar 2017 Dom
Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self. Therefore, trust the physician and drink his remedy in silence and tranquility." - Khalil Gibran

That quote inspired what I wrote because pain is a constant in this cruel world
And in all reality our pain is inspired by the struggles we've gone through, so it may not be easy but to medicate and starting the process of healing is on you.  Others may have caused what you're going through but it's up to you to make it better, because even if it's raining now there's always a chance for better weather
I'd recommend looking up khalil gibran
Dom Dec 2016
What should love feel like?
Should I be discouraged?
Should I be on edge?
Sometimes I feel this should come to an end.
Should love be arguments?
Should love be insecurity?
It's very dangerous if you ask me.
Should it be forgiving?
Should it be all knowing?
Mistakes is a part of love I suppose
But often enough you should receive a rose
Quite frankly I am not enough
But it is as if I can't find someone better?
Perhaps I just haven't meet him yet
My worth is more than a ****** time.
My worth is a lifeline
Is it love? Is it like? Is it lust?
I'm wrapped up.
& I just don't know.
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