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GulRukh Apr 2018
I am a caged bird
unaware of freedom
my cage is my home
and this chain in my foot has become part of my soul
Until one day master let my cage hang in the balcony
and I see you
You were wild wind of the season
that makes all the trees dance
sun was burning my feathers
and you become the cloud that cover the sun
you lift me up
let me spread my wings
I want to fly but
these chains pulled me down
but I try and wounded myself
You made me realize I am a prisoner
for the first time in life i saw a ray of hope
sound of footsteps blocked that ray
I looked at you to set me free
you blow so hard that it breaks all the chains
Alas! I try to move but I can't
you were there waiting for me
but my apathy won't let me free
you have been to many valleies and towns
and I am new to this thing
I am not wild like you
here comes the master and bring me in
with tears and guilt I leave you in swing
Love Of My Life I Wil lMiss You Forever Like Stars Miss The Sun In Morning Sky
GulRukh Dec 2017
If I am a bird
Carelessly flies in the sky
Place to place
Tweet the world is mine
Go wherever I want
Chrip whatever I feel
Sit whenever I'll be tired
Never look my face in mirror
But I can see this world more clearer
Searching for a partner would be easy
No regret of being messy
Anywhere I built my nest
Like I have no regret
Little fights then
My short time memory wipes all away
No one let me down if my house is made of clay
And in peace i die one day
#BirdLife #Desire #BirdsHaveMoreFriendsThanMe
GulRukh Jun 2018
I fall for you
cause my heart needs love to brew
and i am aware
but i started to care
you are heavy fog of the morning
and i am of a kind that blooms in spring
I need you
to love me
cover me in this dew
I can beg you to fall
but i can't hold you at all
you'll wet everyone
but own by none
He loved someone else and I knew it from the start but I don't know why I still want him
GulRukh Aug 2018
I am an ant
on a straw
in the middle of wild sea
and you are my straw,
my last straw
a wave so large
took you away
I am drowning now
would you ever come back
to save me
In this lone, wild sea
I know I can't find you
but these waves give me hope
that you will be back,
our paths will cross
and you will save me
one day
Hopefully you'll be mine one day
GulRukh Apr 2018
He is long gone
but I am here, right here where He left
at the same place where we first meet
where our love grew
where we look at each other from far corner
where He stole my number from record room
because He was too scared to talk to me
where we always walk pass each other like none of us exist
where I envy His intelligence
and He love my attitude
where He told me that He love me when the first time He lay His eyes on me
where I fight Him over little things
and He say sorry for my mistakes
where I wait for little glimpse of His presence
where He protect me from bad people
where I can rely on Him with my eyes close
where I woo perfection of His athletic body
and He make fun of my flimsy existence
where we make promises
where He leave me because people talk about us
because people will talk **** about me
because we have no future together
because we belong to different worlds
because our religions were different
but I am still standing there
waiting for Him
where we first fall for each other
Endless waiting for the Love of my life and I can wait forever
GulRukh Sep 2018
If she would ever return to you
Trust me
You won't feel the same love you do right now
You'll change,
your mind had been infatuated to a much higher level
that returning to the joy and peace won't feel same again.
My Infatuation Cause My Fall
GulRukh Oct 2017
Did you just say i love you
or it's in my head?
Haha, why would you say it
cause you think  I am ugly, I am bad
and I dont listen to your mother
cause I am too busy with my own self and it makes her mad
Did you just touch me
or it's in my head?
Haha, why would you love me
cause you always come near to hit me even in bed,
your hands always touch my face to slap, you want me dead.
Your hands were hard and they never stopped no matter how many tears I shed,
sometimes my healed scars fills me with dread.
Did you just say you miss me
or it's in my head?
Haha, why would you miss me
when I was never part of your life,
I am just a story unread.
Did you just say don't leave
or it's in my head?
Sigh, why would you say that
when I know your cell phone is more dear to you than me and I remember every word that you said.
It's like I am under your debt
now I am slowly coming out of red.
love and abuse
GulRukh Jan 2018
We Look into Each Others Eye
And Aura of Our Souls Collide
The Stars Shine More Bright When We Smile
It's the Magic of Your Presence
Whenever We Talk It Happens...
GulRukh Dec 2017
See You There In Crowd Of Apaths
My Soul Breaks Down From Your Wrath
That Smile On Your Face
A Mischive In Your Ways
You Were In Light Blue Jeans
Your Eyes Are My Heaven, By All Means
Your Voice Like a Cool Violin Beat
That My Metal Armor Heart Can't Cheat
I Start Liking You Secretly In My Heart
You Left Me Thinking About My Vacant Part
God Knowns And I, What I was Wondering?
Like Mystery Of Universe You Left me Poundering
Are You Too Thinking about Me?
Or Are You a Hovering Bee?
You Are in My Head Spining From That Moment
So Falling For You Is Imminent
My Heart Pounding Crazy Like a Little Child
These Feeling Aren't For First Time
But I Want It To Be The Last Crime
I Want to Be Yours
If It Takes Gravity and All It's Force
Isn't It Too Soon To Say All That?
Cause I Know That it's Delicate
All The Drought Will End With This Rain
One Glance Would Be Enough To Keep Me Sane
When I saw him first time, I can't say anything but this piece says it all
GulRukh Jul 2019
Love made me forget my worth
I am aware
I am not even your shoe's dust
We are different in every manner, you are sky high I am dust on this earth still I love you and will until my heart beats. You are my moon, I am a wolf that howls and cry but can't reach it's moon.
GulRukh Apr 2018
When I look into your eye
They are deep like a lie
unpredictable you and I
like a cold day in July
let's spread our wings and fly,
let's be together forever or just let me die
I am a big bright star in the night sky
and you are the full moon of 22nd July
I am roaring wave waiting for you to dive
Standing in my window
Your presence make my feelings ignite
Maybe your love is the only reason why
I survive
then I ask for password of your Wi-Fi
you roll your eyes and deny
I shut the windows after saying goodbye
Short Lived Love
GulRukh May 2019
My Lion!
You are so perfect so perfect that It scares me
I am sacred that you'll hate me when we'll meet
I am scared of rejection
I love you so much, so much
That's why I Left
I dunno what would I do if you reject me seeing my face
I am not beautiful; I am not a  perfect girl
I am just an ordinary stupid girl that loves you like carzy lil kid
I just don't fit with you, cause I am so indulge in my insecurities and my ugliness
I can cry alone forever rather feel rejected by the love of my life
I hate leaving you, it's like I stabbed myself with thousands knives straight into the heart
I sometimes can't breath
My each breath moan your name
My Lion!
I just don't wanna breath
If I can't synchronize it to your heart beat
Love! There will be no one after you I can assure you that...
GulRukh Jun 2019
Beautiful soul
I wanna bear it all

Pink lips, tan skin
Every second with you is sin

I want us naked
It's hard but we can make it

Our love can defy all the laws
I wanna see all of your flaws

I wanna touch the light coming out of it
Let's tangled our lights where it can fit
Slowly assassinating my soul
You are the best thing I've ever hold

Poison or cure
I'll sip it if you pour
Don't wanna run away ... not anymore
GulRukh Aug 2018
Do you ever feel the noon breeze?
hot yet relaxing brings you to an ease
it unfold the memories inside my brain's deepest crease
mesmerizing breeze i am standing under a tree
Moringa Oleifra the mighty
on which sits a sparrow chirping in mystique
and another strange little bird with long black beak
chirping tooo-weeee-t
on the other branches two squerrals playing hide and seek
and there sits a crow alone on one peak
i am in whirl of memories of past year 2016
didn't i mention it's about a boy in his thirties
he talked ocean deep
but treated me like i am a feast
like he is a ringmaster and i am his beast
i can still feel the pain of that time when all the good is out of my reach
Why do i think of him now when i am in peace?
would he think of me like i did?
nah or may be
nostalgic or i might weep
my orange colored dress doesn't irritate me in this scorching noon
but thoughts of you did
i have to head back from this muzz
i am going back to my people who loves me
where i am allowed to refuse
where there is no abuse
i am returning to peace
goodbye noon breeze
When brain unfolds some harsh memories of the past
GulRukh Feb 2018
You are untouchable
like scent of sand after rain
more I breath in
more it makes me insane
I am invisible to you
GulRukh Oct 2017
Judge by color, flaw, race.
Kept in one then in other cage.
Blank canvas, lone page,
She is fade, afraid, strayed,
but she calls ***** a *****,
call her lemonade,
pomegranade or a maid.
She can never get rid of her own masquerade.
All being might not be equal but no deserve rage
but wants consideration, mercy and assuage
GulRukh Oct 2017
Now I am wild wind
over your city,
wanna destroy everything that once with you was pretty,
erase every memory of you being mischevious and witty,
wanna give you pain,
wanna see you asking for piety
but there you are infront of me again,
I feels like a paitent recovers from pain
than I was  hard as ice
now I am melting slow and nice
in my mind echoed a voice,
"You can bear all the thunder
cause with him
once you were a breeze"
GulRukh May 2019
I Don't wanna sin
In the name of Lord
Indulge me with your sword
I wanna flow in your veins
My heart can't absorb this pain
Make me yours love
GulRukh Dec 2017
I am a Shining Star
Let me Brust
To Decorate Your Sky
I am a Bioling Sun
Let Me Explode
To Light Your World
I am a Wandering Cloud
Let Me Be Your Shield
And Save You From Heat
I am A Glacier
Let Me Melt
And Remove Your Thrist
I Just Want You To Remember My Name
Whenever You Cry With Pain
It Will Rain
I Will Be That Rain
That Will Wash Away All of your Pain
Just Let Me Cry
If That Brings You A Smile
GulRukh May 2018
For you,
It take seconds from being lover to stranger
and for me,
It'll take miles to cover this subtle distance..
Please do not become strangers again..
GulRukh Jun 2018
I Want to Be Yours
If It Takes Gravity and All It's Force
All The Drought Will End With This Rain
Your "Hey" Would Be Enough To Keep Me Sane

— The End —