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  Sep 2015 ShitHead
Simon Woodstock
I am more then the shirt I wear
I am more then the skin I'm stuck in
I am more then my trials
I am a living person
I am just a simple man pen always in hand
I am a visionary even though sometimes my vision goes blurry
I am more then what you judge from what you see
we are all more then we seem to be
  Sep 2015 ShitHead
Simon Woodstock
I am the author of my pain
Because it is my fault thoughts of you still pass my brain
god can't save my aim
my blood vessels explode as I write
while I implode in life
My heart is a confederacy seceding from my brain
They go to war my every waking moment
My brain wants to free me from your slavery
While my heart still cling's to the memories
ShitHead Jun 2015
Loving you
Was the worst mistake I ever made
Along with believing you
When you said you loved me too
Because you're a ******* crazy mess
And you only love yourself

I treated you like gold
You treated me like a cigarette; just used me and threw me away
I called you princess
You made me cry myself to sleep
You broke me into a million pieces
And then acted like the victim

I loved you more than myself
But you treated your dogs better than me
I did everything for you
You lied to me and wouldn't see me; not even on my birthday
Then yelled at me and cried when I didn't want to talk to you

And after all this
And so, so much more
You wonder why I hate you? You expect me to forgive you AGAIN?
You say you've changed but you said that last time and the time before
You say you love me, but you're a ******* liar
You only love yourself
ShitHead Jun 2015
These scars on my body
These scars on my soul
My lungs black as coal
And my liver like swiss cheese
I am the definition of self hate *******
  Jun 2015 ShitHead
Simon Woodstock
i met a girl she looked so beautiful and when she spoke it was so chemical she said hi my name is cigarette one kiss of me and you'll love to hate me to death the conversation done she said lets have some fun and that was about 25 kisses ago
she promised to always love me
she promised to always be there
but now shes taking all my money telling me life's not fair
so now i'm picking her up from a gas station tonight even though i know she'll be gone before the morning light i don't know why i put up with her but i know i cant break up with her we constantly fight over my choices in life i know i can't win so i just kiss her again further into despair i go
i make pleads baby why do you do this to me
cancer doesn't sound so pretty
her only reply is we all gotta die might as well die from me
she travels with me everywhere i go i can't help it over this decision i lack control
She promised to love me even when i'm low but i just kissed her for the last time and i need to go buy more
i know that shes killing me i guess its alright as long as i can afford her ill be just fine because when my funds are low and without her i'm forced to go i just lose my mind
i hate i hate you so much but i love i love you too much to let you go i've signed away my fate with you i will stay until into the grave i go
When I smoked I never called it an addiction I called it love because every drag was killing me slowly like love when it hurts however I have since ended my chemical relationship
ShitHead Jun 2015
With every drink I feel more alone
And the more the cigarette burns on my arm
Look like kisses
Cigarette kisses

Hating everyone, hating myself
With a heart as black as my lungs
With only my drink and
My cigarette kisses for company

These burns on my arm
That I call sweet kisses
Feel like love
So bittersweet and so painful
ShitHead Jun 2015
Told I’m everything
I’m still not enough
Just another disappointment
That’s all I’ll ever be

Will you make room in your heart
For the both of us
My heart is full of you
I don’t need to love myself, only you

I try my hardest
Still I fail
Am I worthy of you?
I guess I’ll never be
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