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freaky angel Jul 2015
It sounds meaningless to you
But to me it consist of all my emotions
freaky angel Jul 2015
I wish i was a fly in the wall
So that they wont bother to scrutinize every move i make
I wish i was a fly in the wall
Least people wont see me if i stumble and fall..
i wish i was a fly in the wall
least they would not know my smiles are fake
i wish i was a fly in the wall
For them not to discover theres a hole in my soul..
I wish i was just a fly in the wall
So that they wont be able to judge me which i really **** hate!
I wish i was just a fly in the wall
For them not to laugh at me when my heart starts to break..
I wish i was just a fly in the wall
least they wont notice when madness in me starts to call
I wish i was just a ******* fly in the wall
Because i wish those imbecile would give me a break!

And my heads starts spinning like a cannonball all ready to strike
I just wish they would stop bothering me and start to get a life!
And my heart starts blazing like a wildfire so abrupt
Shhhhh Shut your mouth up! please do not interrupt!
And my soul my lovely soul is starting to create a chaos inside me..
Ceasing the moment
Chasing the stars
How to end this ****** war
In the end i'll celebrate my glory
They are like a maggots now in my freaking memory..

                                                      ­                     +++>FreakyAngel
                                                  ­                          7/23/2015
freaky angel Jun 2015
This is what my life has vowed for
This is what i have cherished more..
Like thee fragility a petal rose
Cannot compare thee value most!

This is what my love and sacrifice had sought
Pure tender love and sacrifice it brought..
Its endless pain and suffering i felt
With only her careless smile, All it melts..

I had walk through the fire of sickening hell
But her cry was not a thunder thus a gentle bell
It rings through my heart and through my soul
A teardrop of joy is beyond of it all!

This is my joy, This is my angel!
Though pain it brought me first but still so gentle
I love thee so great as the wind fights fire
This is my masterpiece.. my burning desire!
freaky angel May 2015
life's greatest pleasure it sure is
full of madness and mysteries!
desires,lust,longing for that special one
sharing bed with him till the rise of the sun
always thinking of him
someday it will become real
what a feeling i have right now
i regret i had taken a vow
for a man who gave me a ring
because he no longer what my heart sing..
freaky angel May 2015
Over existence of such a woman
With her faith had grown more not gone
Inside there's a life of overjoyed power
The power that will cry out loud up in a tower..

Fed by the world's grievance and despair
Trying to hook up with its little winged pair
How was life became such unfair?
Like a treetops falling right at the tip of her hair

She was once too in a womb before
Then she taste life's bitter fruits and more
Then she commit herself to a paradise in which they've made
A childhood reborn is the price she have to pay..

In the darkness of her inner desire
She created inside her womb a hundred folds fire
Never minding what are the rules and what are the taboos
She whisper her a song in her moments of blues..

There's a fragile crystal on her inner side
Building a melody so soft like a mellow tide
Against others will she remain so strong
Hiding her sadness in a blissfulness of her song

Then she lighten up a heart of stone by such a flickering fire
An anguish had lost and the madness of desire
And they follow her footsteps in a mystery of myth
That once a child is born it will wash her feet..
FreakyAngel 02/10/2001
freaky angel Apr 2015
A lips that touch like an angel
Speaks so heavenly towards me
If a thousand of shooting stars would fall
I would then write all of it in my poetry

Hail the angel of mercy
It fly by my shoulder and set me free!
It was never my intention to fall in love in a passionate way
But he makes me feel so special what else can i say?

I am human yes i am!
i am stronger than i had never been..this is what i am..
My life once been in a constant misery
I had never felt contentment never been so happy..

If its wrong then you can cut the life in me
If its a sin then who are you to judge me?
I only did what i think for me is best
I only did what makes me happy atleast..

Been in my cave for a long time
My best of friend is this ****** bottle of wine
All i want now is to be free
To live my life not on lies but all in all honesty!

Loyalty, that is the word
I once made it my principle and now it seems absurd!
To be in love means you have to suffer?
But what if, if it makes you feel better?

I am human yes i am!
I am not afraid to love and get hurt
For EVEN love broughts you a thousand needles
I will take that needles
I rather be strong walking forward than be a wussy and being idle..

Point your finger at me, judge me!
what wrong have i done besides choosing to be merry?
Rather than be the slave of my own misery
Its my ****** life just set me free!

I rather choose to be the master of my own self
Than to be a stranger now of what i felt
yes i am human i am!
Now accept the truth and let bygones be bygone..
freaky angel 4/24/15
freaky angel Apr 2015
Whats in me that you are trying to hide?
I really dont want to fall for you as much as i have tried
I cannot understand the way you act
Would you just give me a clue..give me a fact?

We have shared those laughter and pain together
And those private moments we share i really treasure
I know you as you know me now even better
But there's still a secret in you that makes me wonder..

There is always been a mystery in every words you utter
I dont know why it makes me feel much better
When will you have guts to set it free
Don't wait for me to open your door that is full of secrecy

I used to share my thoughts each time i look in those mysterious eyes..
Why can you see how inside of me dies?
Will i wait for the sunrise to come?
Or i will wait for forever but please don't make forever be gone..

Try to open the light of wisdom in my heart
Say that you will never leave me and we'll never be apart
Plant the joy of what love brought to my senses
Say the words that i used to say as i reminisce..

Hope you come here to save all my tears
Hope you will comfort me when i have all my fears
But those words were like a butterfly in the stream
It will only happen only in my dream..
freaky angel
10 oct '98
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