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Ansley Jul 2018
Each player gets 10,000 characters (spaces not included)
and topics to base the words on (space is not included)
Your objective is to make your opponent feel something
In a game in which you'd be lucky to feel something
while writing.
Note: we do not know who your opponent is and you're afraid to admit the same thing.
No one plays the Rat Race anymore. Now we all play Words To A Friend, a game based off the hit Words With Friends, except your opponent decides your score and you can't leave the game.
Ansley Jul 2018
Congratulations! You got:
Venus flytrap
This means:
You are not beautiful. You are ugly. A nuisance to someone else is what you need to survive but you can only **** and devour that which is small. You do not make a difference to humans. However, Venus Flytrap, someone will love you and love and then love you wrong. They will appreciate the drive and theatrics but you are too delicate as you need things other than the problems you're so dedicated too.
Once again, congratulations!
Venus Flytraps need the same things as other plants do.
Ansley Jul 2018
I met a girl with X-ray vision.
She found herself quite smart.
Yet despite
Her fantastic sight
She couldn't find my heart.

There was an *****
that pumped blood
But surely there was something more.
So she climbed
Into my mind
And opened up a door.

There she found
Things somewhat profound,
But they were not of any interest,
So she rose
And found the words I spoke
In the chasms of my lungs.

She saw debate and
The arguments I fought
She saw what I cared about
But it was still not what she sought

Then she leapt into my hands
And saw all that I wrote
She tried to find double meaning
To the carefully chosen words
But there was no leaning
Or things of note.

So she gave up
But began to fall
For when asked what I cared about
My girl with "X-ray vision"
Knew that she didn't know me at all
Don't you just adore fairytale styled poetry
Ansley Jul 2018
And so,
Death took her by the hand. Death draped her in a cloth of red, and they stood on the edge of the world.
"Will you miss it?"
"Without question"
In the last thirty seconds of one's life, one's brain shuts down. During this time, the ability to rationalize, as well as the ability to understand time or space, gradually gets lost, thus causing many people to experience things they wouldn't have otherwise.
Ansley Jul 2018
One day I hope that I can stay up all night with someone and look at the stars without thinking
(or making a badly timed comment) that they are shining bright but long dead.
Are we stars?
Ansley Jul 2018
Traced her fingers along my arm
Occasionally circling freckles
For emphasis
Her eyes were closed.
There was no method,
No melody to a song she was writing
Along my arm
I almost wished she were something like mine
For she traces a blanket of stars
when she's asleep
I almost wish she were
For a blanket of stars to be mine to keep
Here have some late night (early morning?) poetry
Ansley Jul 2018
When a poet falls in love with you, you are immortal, for you have become of part of her, and so, a part of her work.
When she falls out of love, you are made to be better, for a memory of what was once great is stronger than a current, flighty feeling.
When a poet writes prose,
When she abandons conciseness in favor for essays filled with anger at you and herself and the world,
That is the day that you die.
For the day that a poet writes prose,
She, and she alone, exists.
For the day that a poet writes prose,
She will guarantee that you will not.
Wowza that did not mean to come out as dark as it did
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