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Rose Everest Feb 23
My iced coffee and your warm coffee infront of each other,
my blushing cheeks and your damp umbrella.

Our bed time stories filling up the distance between us two,
and before you know it,
time was up and we need to part ways.

You opened up your umbrella and walked away without saying goodbye and all I did was watch your black shirted figure walking farther and farther away.
6 pm coffee break with him after school
Rose Everest Feb 22
To me love is,
Mysterious like the statues in Louvre,
Sweet like the chocolate factory in Roald Dahl's book,
Warm like the idea of having a cup of hot chocolate in the coldest of days,
Yet it is painful like the burnt marks on my toasted bread.
Why do I keep falling in love with the wrong person?
Rose Everest Feb 6
Music flying across the room like the wind,
Sun spilling it's secret into this suffocating place,
Roasted beans and spilling vanilla ice cream all over the room,
You and your beloved cigarettes,
And me drinking my bittersweet caramel latte.
Our love stayed for awhile but then it left, leaving the both of us broken.
Rose Everest Jan 27
for the first time in ages,
I met you,
you've changed.. a lot.

your hair,
your smile,
the butterflies in my stomach,
and every other little things you used to do.

the 'you' that I loved had left that pretty shell of yours,
and the 'you' right now have another beautiful shell,
but still... it's different.
I used to love you but now I don't
Rose Everest Jan 25
It was as cold as snow,
As quiet as the morning dew,
And as lonely as two people staring at their own walls and ceilings,
Waiting for the other one to reply their text.
I miss you so so much Icarus
Rose Everest Jan 25
Your love was sweet,
like cotton candies on festival nights,
So sweet and weird and quirky all at the same time.

But when I tasted your lies it was sweeter than the cotton candy I had before,
So sweet that it hurts my teeth.

When I left you,
It's like the macchiato we always have,
Tell me jun, why did you do that?
Rose Everest Jan 8
Meeting you was like falling in love for the first time,
I was attracted to your charms yet I'm scared of the outcome.

your sharp witted thoughts,
endearing smile,
and your sharp mouth.

you were like the big blue ocean,
so harsh yet calming.

and yet,
I still love you and hate you for everything that
happened between the both of us.
'lansasa' is his initials
he is my senior.
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