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 Jul 2020 Elioinai
Frank Russell
Musty old volume
an intelligence encased
brittle paper snaps

- fr
 Jul 2020 Elioinai
Frank Russell
Searing time droplet
on earth's shattered glass mantle -
new creatures appear

- fr
 Jul 2020 Elioinai
Frank Russell
I designed and built this valley mansion
   obscuring a view of the mountains -
A magnificent multi-storied structure
   with many rooms dimly lit or darkened,
A few rooms admitting a minimum
   of filtered starlight.

In one room only
   is there occasionally
   direct blazing sunlight
And this is the room of longing.

- fr
 Jul 2020 Elioinai
Frank Russell
Quiet prayers
sheltered within

- fr
 Jul 2020 Elioinai
Dr Peter Lim
Love at 40 is different
from that of 20's
  at 60,  different from 40's
and,  at 80
  it forgets
  all that which went before
 Jul 2020 Elioinai
Vanessa Goyal
You loved me once
You loved me twice
You loved me everyday
Every moment, every smile, every second
But you left me
Leaving only whispers behind
I feel your memory in the silence
I love you in the emptiness
I see you in the darkness
But you left me
Your ashes scar my dreams
Your scent haunts my days
Your eyes pierce mine
Drowning in memory
I see you once more
Your fingers brush mine
I listen for your heartbeat
And find only the hummingbird’s song
And I remember
You left me
 Jul 2020 Elioinai
Imran Islam
Let Your name be safe
in my heart always
Let my eyes run down
with tears for You my God!

I'll always remember you
in my youth
I'll always bow down
to you on earth
Lord, let me hold the truth.

My sins will make an ocean
if I get them together,
Please be kind oh Creator
and forgive me forever!
Let me read Your Book
every morning, my Lord!

I want to be a good person
with full faith in You,
Let me stay on the right path
with peace and love, O My God!
 Jul 2020 Elioinai
Imran Islam
Nothing is wrong
when I am young
and you are beautiful
I can't wait too long
to listen to your song
when nature is wonderful.

No, maybe it's wrong
when we're unknown
and not committed
I wouldn't sing for you
Now I need to know you
and we should be committed.

Okay then alright
Give it up tonight,
Nothing has happened yet.
Yeah, you were wrong
let it go and wait a long
for a true skylight.
 Jul 2020 Elioinai
Imran Islam
I want to talk to him
Who comes into my dream
and looks so handsome,
Yet I don't know his name
and where is his clime
But I have a crush on him!

May I talk to him?
Mom, may I talk to him!
He comes into my dream
I need him to talk,
'Cause I have a crush on him!

My eyesight is getting dim
everything except him,
'Cause, he looks so awesome.
I can't sleep at night
It just I feel his light
and I melt into him!

I feel fly in the sky
like a bird so high
I feel this for the first time.
Sometimes I smile alone
and hide from everyone
Maybe I'm falling in love with him!
It's thoughts of a young lady
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