you want a religious poem?

exterminate the doctrine

and the being

will reveal itself

once again
Remembering our Mothers
Through time and space
All Mothers that have been and will be
Giving birth to embodiments of love
Individual souls born into form
The evolution of consciousness
Blessed is the soul's holy journey
From individualization to Unity
Lost in the dream of forgetfulness
The end of every Journey is union with Thee...

Blessed are the Mothers
Who suffered the pain of giving birth
Blessed is The Great Mother
Who goes by the name of Earth
Thank you Goddess Gaia
Living Being of The Supreme
Please forgive our sins born of ignorance
Children of The Earth
Lost in the great cosmic dream...
Please forgive my infirmity, I am still not able to read
Due to my eyes having a virus and I also need prescription reading glasses
Not ready until May 8th.. I miss reading your poetry so much it was the only Joy I had left in my housebound days, plus writing. Please forgive me not returning notifications I literally can't look at the screen for for than 5 mins without it being blurry
Thank you for your loving kindness. I truly appreciate your comments and special thanks to those who have messaged me.. Compassion and care still lives in this world.. Hello Poetry is the evidence of this!.. thank you...
God Bless you all...kimx
Frank Russell Apr 20
Because we are earth.
Because we are not here
And nature over there.
Because it is a dysfunctional mental habit
To conceive of ourselves as separate
From the flowing energy of the planet
- the air, water and nourishment -
That we transmute to our own energy.
Because we set aside a day to recall
How dangerously mistaken it is
To treat as a lowly inexhaustible slave
One that is both single-minded parent
   and sustaining comrade,
Worthy of love and respect.

- fr
To an  acquaintance who believes environmental protection is "backward nonsense."
Frank Russell Apr 17
Awkward - as the infinite
Black of night against
A background of baby bonnet pink.
No sustaining verse issues from
An unreflecting pool
Stagnant from deprivation of
Refreshing waters of life.
Cold intellect attempting
To compose poetry alive with
Crisp sunrises, rolling streams,
The perfume of a bashful girl -
Cold intellect, anxious and sad,
Desperately trying to
Regain a solid footing on earth,
Make its stand in a world
Of daisies and mockingbirds
Before it's too late.

- fr
True love transcends all attachments and desires
It is unextinguishable, The Eternal Fire

True love asks for nothing in return
This is the love we are here to learn

Although it can't be learned, only discovered
Silently dwelling within the heart, only to be uncovered

The truth is, we are worshiping The One God
In different ways,  let us not allow religions make us at odds

Let each meet God in their own way
Every day is a Holy Day, on my knees I humbly pray

Lord hear the song, the prayer from our hearts
Bless us, that we realize we are One - not apart

Religions are all rivers, flowing into the One Sea
The ocean of love, The Heart of Thee

Love is the answer, love is the way
Lord, may Your Divine Love kiss us from within .... Today...
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