Frank Russell Jun 19

This has nothing to do with the Absolute -
     this idea of God.

In childhood, God was the loving
     Father in the sky -
Outsized, sporting a flowing white beard, and
     ever attentive to my prayers.

Now, God is an abstract notion -
     transcendent and immanent,
Infinite, eternal, and
     difficult to embrace.

But all of this has nothing to do
     with God -
All these continually mutating
     mental constructs.

- fr

Frank Russell May 22

This is not the mentality
     by which we were schooled -
This sense of nothing
     solid about ourselves -
Nothing permanent, nothing stable
     to lovingly cleave to -
That "I" is only a
     transient idea of "I"

- fr

Intense loneliness
personifies itself
before inanimate walls

With a variety of
empathetic characters
to populate the room

Weaving and performing
an anxious dance
of justifications

For never permitting
to be exposed.

- fr

Frank Russell Mar 16

All matter is fluid
She believed
As she passed effortlessly
Through the concrete -
Then realizing the passage
Was in imagination only
She felt the warm blood pumping
From her skull onto a
Cold factual sidewalk.

- fr

Frank Russell Mar 13

Are the flourishing red rose and
The appreciation of its beauty.

As sole support
   for awareness of particulars -
Mysterious animating force
   sustaining all living forms
In dynamic intercourse
   with their pulsating environments.

And the only error
Is conceiving Deity as
A separate entity.

- fr

Frank Russell Apr 2016

Overcast and pouring -
though two of us within the hotel
were preoccupied.

Dim light through an open window,
cool breezes to soothe us,
ageless fresh rain-scent
having banished city odors -
and you and I intently
engaged in each other.

A sweet isolated happiness.
Those in adjacent rooms
complained all evening of
miserable weather.

- fr

Frank Russell Apr 2016

Said the old farmer
to the big city technocrat,
"Small wonder you're so anxious -
a part of nature
that has forgotten nature
has lost its identity."

- fr

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