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  Aug 14 Frank Russell
its a thin skin betwixt us
and the Sun
and the Sun
reaches deeper than skin
stars speak
of forever selves,
forever souls
forever known
its a thin skin
betwixt me and you.
  Aug 3 Frank Russell
In the afternoon quiet
With the turtle dove and breeze
In simultaneous Being..
There comes a recognition
Of open Totality
And the experience of
Nothing to surrender...
For the ice skater
It is better to have
little faith
on thick ice
Than great faith
on thin ice
we are little thieves
but we steal only
unloved flowers
petals soft and dewy
and brittle leaves
fallen far
from abundant trees

quiet and furtive
my eyes glancing
slipping secret foliage
into my pockets
but who would really
call it a misdeed?

if they knew
I'd find it hard to believe
they'd begrudge us
these foraged delicacies
for my niece
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