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Love has been on this
planet for long,
We should not own
it as ours,

It's a feeling on
the earth,
From time beyond
and bygone,

Love resonates in flowers,
trees and animals,
In Sun, Moon,
Sky and Sea,

Love shines in
Venus and Mars,
In beauty of rocks,
River and breeze,

Love has been on this planet
before me and you were born,

Don't judge it,
Don't name it,
Don't bracket it,
Don't command it,
Don't demand it,


Sparkle In Wisdom
May you, be blessed beyond your imagination.
May you , be guided by the Living God all day.
May you, have an heart of an lion all day long.
May you, find your love if you are single now.
May you, become fully healed as well Poet.
May you, never be worry about being used too.
May you, always trust the Creator in everything.
May you, have the very best day you ever had.
Post the poem even though you
fear judgement and ridicule
and they always follow, but
post the poem brave.
  2d Frank Russell
Poets pen
mere glances of
a passing smile.
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