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mads 11h
i continue to rattle and shake
one day i'll just fall apart
mads 3d
everyday I ramble
the taste of my words
like blood in my mouth
reminding me
that what I say is unpleasant
that no one cares
the syllables flowing
have no meaning
I watch as eyes divert
hoping to not catch mine
in hopes that I don't open
this contraption of mine
and let noise flow from it
I feel like I talk too much and me continuing to do so would just lead to annoyance
mads 3d
maybe if I would've fought to stay
it was on you
maybe if I said things differently
it was on you
if I would've said 'I care' more
it was on you

maybe if I would've put myself first

I wouldn't be stuck wondering
of all the things I could've done different
to help y o u

things would be different
if I would realise that
it was on you
Ive spent so long wondering why I couldn't make you love yourself the way I thought you should
mads Feb 7
it's so cold today
the suns shining but I feel no heat
a few days ago when it felt like spring
it was snowing for you
maybe that was the problem
bad weather
I miss you so much. I hope one day you'll be okay enough that someone can love you.
mads Jan 28
choke it down
don't think don't think
tell yourself it's no harm
don't think don't think
it makes me feel so gross
mads Jan 27
I don't know how to do it
how to let people go
people who I don't need
I'm too worried about them
I know I should be worried
for me
mads Jan 22
my thoughts are swallowing me up
slowly consuming everything
i can't breath
I'm screaming for help
no one hears
i'm far too gone
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