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mads Sep 2020
i seem to only be able to write when im so sad i can't think

so what does this mean
mads Jun 2020
sunny days and a soft pink
your bubbly words fill me
please continue to refill
  May 2020 mads
in and out of the rain
in and out of the red
up and over your shoulders
out and under my hips
kiss me like i'm the sweetest
thing on earth
touch me like you're
not afraid to break me
mads Dec 2019
if i do by chance see u
just know this will be the last

-i wrote this on the day i seen you, and no we haven't spoke since.
i wish you the best, truly.
mads Dec 2019
I think I'm finally ready to let go

                                                                            of u

and even if i'm not
there's nothing to hold onto anyways.
I hope one day i can bring myself to stop missing u so much. thank you for everything that u gave me.
  Oct 2019 mads
I wish you're
With me,
To hold my hand.

It all became a dream
When you pulled your hand
Going away from me.

I wish you're
With me,
To wipe my tears.

Oh...,I forgot
You're only the sole
Reason for my cries.

I wish you're
With me,
To make me laugh.

And you there took
My smile along
With you.

I wish you're
With me..........
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