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  3d mads
I wish you're
With me,
To hold my hand.

It all became a dream
When you pulled your hand
Going away from me.

I wish you're
With me,
To wipe my tears.

Oh...,I forgot
You're only the sole
Reason for my cries.

I wish you're
With me,
To make me laugh.

And you there took
My smile along
With you.

I wish you're
With me..........
mads 3d
do you remember me yelling
I love you too
out of the car window when
I dropped you off for the last time

I wish I would have let you kiss me.
mads Oct 7
hope you turn out okay

if you ever feel like it

give me a call
not sure when i will stop missing you and i don't  know if i want to
mads Oct 7
you always said
"no sense makes sense"
and maybe you're right
but what will never
is the way that every time
i think i have you
i don't
as much as i hate to admit
you're my person.
mads Sep 27
5 days ago we were kissing

now im not sure how much longer
will be a thing.
I wish you would stick around but im tired of asking for something you cant give
mads Sep 25
just when I think I have you
you're gone
one day you're right there
I can feel it
the next you're so distant
I forget the feeling
just come stay
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