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Soph T Jan 2019
I’m finally admitting it,
I’m not over you.
I see you in the halls,
I try not to look;
Not to make eye contact.
Every now and then
I’ll look you up,
Just to see how you’re doing.
So many things pop up.
I think it’s great,
You’re doing something that you love,
Even if I’m not a part of it.
I love seeing you so happy.
Soph T Jan 2019
Everytime I think I’m doing better,
I’m not.
I have a good day,
Then a terrible week,
An empty and depressing week.
I have a good month,
Then I forget what happiness even feels like.
No matter how hard I fight it,
The darkness always comes back.
Maybe it’s time I succumb to it...
Soph T Nov 2018
In my darkest hours
I want to talk to you
I want to reach out to you
Even though I know I can’t
I want you to tell me it’s alright
To tell me everything’s gonna be okay
I wish I still could
I wish you didn’t go away
Because now
Everything’s not okay
Soph T Oct 2018
I wish I was a bird,
free to go wherever I want and get away from here.
I wish I had more time with you before I had to say goodbye,
I would’ve done so much more.
I wish you weren’t the reason I cried,
I wish you wouldn’t have left.
I wish I was stronger,
Maybe then I wouldn’t miss you so much.
I wish I was famous,
Would you finally pay attention to me?
I wish I could see you one last time,
Just to know you’re okay.
I wish I was hidden,
Tucked away from the world.
I wish I was your diamond,
Something you hold dear.
I wish you would come back, and never leave.
Soph T Jun 2018
I found a broken person
And thought I could fix him
I was wrong.
He only got worse,
He spun out of control.
I was always there,
But he didn’t always want me.
He pushed me away,
And that was his downfall.
He grew increasingly distant,
Until he didn’t talk to me at all.
It took some time but I figured out why,
He was gone.
Soph T Jun 2018
I look in the mirror what do I see
An empty person staring back at me
I get dressed up,
I try,
All for you.
I fake a smile,
Just so you think I’m happy,
You don’t know how hard that is.
What do you do for me?
You yell,
You get upset,
Only for me.
You don’t know how much it hurts me,
You don’t even care.
The things we do for each other...
Soph T Jun 2018
I have never felt more alone
Then when surrounded by people.
Everyone trying to be someone else
Someone they’re not.
It’s sickening.
I mean
I can’t really say I don’t do the same
I try to be this extroverted socialite
But really I’m an introverted anti-socialite
I try to take on this persona
that I actually want to be around people
But I really don’t
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