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Emilie Feb 2018
I pucker my lips as the feed transfers me into my virtual reality dream,
It feels as if I were stuck in a never ending trance of disturbance.
By the snap of my stubby pale fingers I could be floating in deep outerspace during spring break,
The "Feed" I feel implanted into my brain,
As each day comes to a pass a part of my cerebrum becomes controlled by technology.
Conversing with classmates becomes a more difficult process,
I feel as if the feed erases my memories storing the memories into their databases,
I no longer remember my name nor do I know who I am,
Feed butchered my mind,
Feed murdered the little girl I once was...
Emilie Apr 2017
Change... is inevitable no matter where you stand in your life time,
Change is a scary thing and you feel frozen in time like nothing is possible like a tiny grandfather clock in a small town,
You feel invisible no matter what you do,
Everyone experiences the clock and eventually talks behind its back so much that eventually she becomes worn down,
She craves a new beginning,
Afraid of moving on since the clock is afraid of changing her perspective she is stuck in that one time frame,
Gradually she stops caring about herself, her family, friends, teachers and all the other clocks around her,
She wants to run away,
She wants to put an end to her life as she feels like a worthless ticking time bomb,
She decides to run away to a new city disregarding the change and what may come with it,
The clocks in that city all have their differences,
They show love and affection to the grandfather clock
She does not feel desperate anymore to feel loved,
She finds love within strangers in her new community,
Her true colors are no need to hide behind the scared feelings to be her true self,
Before she put a mask on everyday that she was in a living hell and had to fake happy feelings,
After being in her new community it was no longer a place she dreaded to go rather a place she longed to go everyday and was completely herself no matter what others talked about her,
She knew that their opinions no longer matter,
She began to love herself and rather than cry her self to sleep each night
She began laughing herself to bed and dreaming instead of having nightmares of what the next day would be like,
The Grandfather clock began to feel authentic and became worth it to herself

Change from a small community to a big community can make all the difference
the grand father clock is a metaphor i really am speaking of myself
The way she smiled
At the sight of
Pretty glass bottles
And things like honey
Always amused me

She sees so much good in this world
And she is slowly teaching me how to
Emilie Jan 2017
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A young heart,
like a fresh wound,
hurts more, when exposed
to the world of sour tongues,
bitter eyes and bland brains

A young heart, hurts
like a healing wound
that stretches to
the demands of life

There's no home,
when you are down
There's no home,
even when you are up

  Nov 2016 Emilie
Taylor Hahn
Gold in your veins
Lightning in your eyes
The earth
And the moon
Make up your disguise
You are one with the earth
And air
I can feel your sweet touch through the atmosphere
  May 2016 Emilie
Violante Holmes
People watching is interesting,
At least most of the time.
As long as you don't find yourself
Watching a crime.

There are short people.
Tall people.
Large people.
Small people.
But that's only on the outside.

For if you look deeper in,
If you glance a little longer than accepted,
You'll see something
You may not have expected.

Are they happy?
Are they in a good mood?
Are they horribly mad?

Do they love the person next to them,
With a burning of desire?
Or would they rather instead
Light that person on a pyre?

You can people watch,
All day and all night.
But I warn you that what you see
Might cause you a fright.
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