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 Oct 2018 Diane
collection of old phones
long ago conversations
text read and deleted
modern tech outdated.

from beyond the grave
is a miracle through
the intercession of a saint.
 Oct 2018 Diane
Bird Feeders.
 Oct 2018 Diane
Love sings through the song of the Sparrow
how much more through the compassion shown it
in the midst of winter.
 Oct 2018 Diane
you would think politicians rule the world,
but they only rule the world they move in;
their sponsors, believers, movers and
But the real World is a mountain,
a place of wildlife, a river and ocean.
Ice and amazing sky art.
The World is a shared breath of free fresh air, cold
on your skin, warmth on a summers day.
Wild flowers, and the love of a rose for a
The World is not for sale, and all those
that think otherwise, are deluded, mad,
and trying to sell and buy insanity.
 Oct 2018 Diane
She said she had her "Free papers"

Green cards

Let me ask you,
But this one question,
or perhaps a few
When you walk the fields
see the flowers,
Do you say, cut down the yellow ones
save the pink ones?
Pick the purple pansies,
lay waste to the red ones?
When you plant flowers,
Do you say
One is less than the other,
because of differing beauty?
Do you like the rainbow,
given all it's colours?
Are all those colours,
not what makes it so beautiful?

Two hundred years ago,
We called them "Free Papers"
We call it a green card

Flesh and Flesh
Is what we are.
Last month here, in Tennessee, in Monroe County, ICE raided a church.  That church was hiding immigrants. Those immigrants were loaded up and are being held in Alabama. Some of those church people are still in jail. It made the news here. I don't believe that God, or whomever created us intended this. There is only one race, the human race. And this country that I live in, was founded on the belief that all could come here and seek refuge. I'm sickened.
 Dec 2017 Diane
Edward Coles
 Dec 2017 Diane
Edward Coles
I never asked you to undress
You wrote yourself into my life
your punished, caffeine heart
became a cuckold
amongst the yarn I spun
You spoke to me
but my words were meant for everyone
You spoke to me
but my words were meant for anyone
but you
 Dec 2017 Diane
Edward Coles
It became a famous joke
the way trouble followed you home

How you sang into tiny microphones
on ruined afternoons

How you put leaflets through doors
to fund the calm of evening

It became a famous joke
last to arrive and the first to leave

How you are still in love
with every woman you have known

How you smell of beer and cigarettes
on your clothes and on your breath

It became a famous joke
the way trouble followed you home

How you lost the will to speak
How you stopped answering the phone
 Dec 2017 Diane
Edward Coles
I thought of you this evening
heart tethered to the ceiling
fingers teasing the hem of your dress
our stolen names
our clumsy address

Thought of you on Parliament Square
holding a clipboard
and shouting in the rain
tied a ribbon to your hair
with a silver paper crane

Thought of you with innocence
thought of you with ***
all the miserable spaces in between
the collisions we forget

I thought of you this evening
by the milky blindness moon
argued on the cause of death
agreed it came too son

Thought of you this afternoon
thought of leaving too
this artless life
I lie beside
in the wake of you

Thought of you and all the thieves
that chanced upon my way
I never counted you among them
I still love you to this day

I thought of you this evening
eyes tethered to the ceiling
numb and dense with pills and regret
you taught me the art of forgiving
even when I could not forget
 Dec 2017 Diane
Edward Coles
 Dec 2017 Diane
Edward Coles
It’s four in the morning
half-******, alone
slouching towards brilliance
on the back of a half pack
of cigarettes and a lifetime
spent staring out the faces
in the ceiling.

Been this way since evening
unshaven, undressed
striving to be beautiful
amongst flashbulb memories
of my fingers between her legs
and her phantom song
that cut through the smoke

and tore the heart of every man
left standing
in the room.
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