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I still love you like the first day,
though my head hurts and my feet.
I still cry at night when your body leaves,
and my stomach aches for relief.
He didn’t take my heart when he touched my lips,
but you look at me like he did.
I’ve never stopped being only yours,
even when your wants seemed torn.
I’ve always been here, your keeper,
and love you more.
I still think about your body,
how it fits perfectly into everything,
and holds me together.
It’s not a matter of time,
or the unknown of life without you,
because I still remember the before.
How I didn’t know anyone who knew.
I was a secret, even to myself,
but you came and called me out.
I still think we dance better,
even when fall, at lest it’s together.
At lest we’re honest,
like when you cried in my chest
and promised me more.
I still think you’re the best,
I don’t know anyone who can play like you do.
I still get lost in your songs,
though they seem to be getting sadder.
Your eyes smile louder then yesterday.
But I won’t let myself believe I’m the reason,
only the cause of pain and pay.
I still can’t explain to you why,
even though it’s up in my own brain.
I smell the scent of lavendar,
Where my soul is heard no more.
The hard truth,
Which shall be told no more.

The pain of losing,
And feeling the weak heart crying,
The heart which used to be lively once,
But the memories bounce
Back and forth bringing tears,
The silence that creeps inside day and night with fear.

Saddness fills the air,
The words seems to lose all its meaning,
The life seems meaningless with heart aches lingering.
My body is greiving..
The rain is pouring.
And here I sit on my table,
Trying to collect myself,
Sipping my cup of coffee,
Engulfing the hard truth inside.
This is my first poem which i find nice..
She gave me a sense.
A sense that maybe life wasn't too bad after all.

But those chains were broken when the truth came out.
I was no lover,
Not even a friend.
I made a decision,
that would would soon end.

But I know that if I wait,
There may still be hope.
Rather send flowers,
Than hang from a rope.

It is true you have hurt me,
Many time before.
But even through the pain,
I run straight back for more.

Little did I know,
That what lay ahead.
Could be amother memory,
That fell in my head.

She makes the wind blow warm.
The sun shine bright.
And I know for a fact,
I won't give up this fight.
For the girl who I love so much but the feeling don't meet.
As walked with the devil accept no fear.
Moans of pain affected only by a cowards ear.

Valleys light lit the darkest hour.
Through sands of time became sour.

Tides always turn nevertheless.
For our prolonged hiatus for the best.

The ones known by many I give thanks.
To those few who walk to meet the planks.

Frame by frame pages are torn.
For those are no longer sworn.

Only acquired by many past tense hate.
As we build our bridge for future date.

He conquer sight Long lived by one tale.
See as he will, guided to see no fail.

As his course viewd by multiple eyes.
All known why, in history he lies.

-Joseph B Schneider
© Joseph B Schneider. All rights reserved

I wrote this back in 2010. The first poem I actually ever wrote.
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