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 Apr 2011 David Watt
norris rolle
I'm trying to remember what love feels like,
It's been such a long time for me.
I wonder if it's like riding a bike...
Is that how it really can be?

I remember whenever you hear that voice
Your heart starts to skip couple beats.
You don't even really have a choice.
You're swept right off of your feet.

I hope my memory serves me well,
'Cause it's been such a  long time
Since love has had me under her spell,
So I have to rely on my mind.

I remember how butterflies swarmed in my guts,
And sometimes it's so hard to eat.
An innocent touch can send me so nuts;
Then we talk ourselves right to sleep.

Does it sound like I have the right idea
'Bout the way that love could be?
Because I'm realy beginning to fear
I'm losing my memory.
 Apr 2011 David Watt
Thomas Wolfe
Oh, will you ever return to me,
My wild first force, will you return
When the old madness comes to
Blacken in me and to burn
Slow in my brain like a slow fire
In a blackened brazier - dull
like a smear of blood,
Humid and hot evil, slow-sweltering
up in a flood!
Oh, will you not come back, my fierce song?
Jubilant and exultant, triumphing over
the huge wrong
of that slow fire of madness that feeds
on me - the slow mad blood
thick with its hate and evil, sweltering
up in its flood!
Oh! will you not purge it from me -
my wild lost flame?
Come and restore me, save me from the
intolerable shame
Of that huge eye that eats into my
Naked body constantly
And has no name,
Gazing upon me from the immense and
Cruel bareness of the sky
That leaves no mercy of concealment
That gives no promise of revealment
And that drives us on forever with its
lidless eye
Across a huge and houseless level of
a planetary vacancy
Oh, wild song and fury, fire and flame,
Lost magic of my youth return, defend
me from this shame!
And Oh! You golden vengeance of bright
Not cure but answer to earth's wrong
 Apr 2011 David Watt
Alexa Sz
theirs a heaviness in my heart
an ache in my head
a weight on my shoulders
I can't go to bed

my mind to full thoughts
thoughts that bring tears to my eyes
regrets and sorrows
of this small period of time

how can so many bad things
happen in such a little time?

I wish they understood
I wish they knew

the pain I feel
listening to them talk

talk about me
and all I've done wrong

They can't leave me alone
they can't just give me my light
they have to find reasons
on why it isn't right

They have to remind
they have to bring it back
can't they see I am trying
can't they see what I am looking at

then of course the other things
bringing me down
with friends
and family
and people all around

No one knows
the stress I'm going through
no one can give me a break

writing and music
are all I got
to release myself
from this pain
 Apr 2011 David Watt
Louis Brown
In the evening rush
Where frowns go past
I saw her smile
Eclipsed too fast
I turned around
And looked once more
I couldn't see
That warm rapport
So every day
I search that block
And pray she'll pass
At five o'clock
Those bright warm eyes
That rattled me
Have raised high hopes
So suddenly
A fire was lit
As my heart skips
Her pretty lips
I long to see
Her cheeks turn pink
I sense she'll feel
The thoughts I think
I'll hunt her down
If that I must
Forever in
The evening rush
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