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Heather E Perry Sep 2018
Maybe it makes sense to you
In your brain,
But it doesn't in mine.
Must have sounded like rain
In your thoughts.
But it's thunder and lies.
I want to believe that
When you wrote those words
You were Intending some sort of miracle
Some kind of beautiful world.
But ignorance and selfishness
Won't manifest love,
Kindness, greatness or gifts from above.
Because your heart is dark and your words mean nothing;
Just letters on a page,
A child's bear stuffing.
Don't make the mistake of falling in love with words.
Heather E Perry Jun 2018
With the wind fighting back
and the words all against you.
Why are the tears left for only a few?
Why does it take six hours to make it,
but only one second to break...
Yet over and over again
I'll try.
Oh poor unfortunate you.
They probably will never see,
how broken you feel
despite what you do.
Heather E Perry Nov 2016
Today I dug up your old grave,
where you keep your old bones.
I wasn't looking for it,
something to break me.
But I found it.
Curiosity won and my heart lost.
Heather E Perry Nov 2016
Maybe I'd like to continue to express myself
through slamming doors.
Maybe I'd like to run my mouth,
push buttons,
and cross the line.
For once in my life,
Please can I lose control.
Heather E Perry Nov 2016
Back in these sheets,
with my breath gone.
Back to just me,
it didn't take long.

     Once again they fell crazy,
     and I fell sick.

They only want skin in the game.
I only want peace in my brain.
Heather E Perry Apr 2016
Last night we were perfect,
But it was all in my head.
Because my eyes were shut and lost in bed.
There is two sides to every story,
even my own.
Mostly I feel lost,
Because you were my home.
Heather E Perry Sep 2015
Who engraved into you,
the idea that your hands were only made to work,
and love was something meant for someone else.
Who convinced you that your worth was found in the way you fixed what they broke.
Because you confess to me that your chest is comfortably numb
and you can take it...
But I don't want you to take any more.
Your strength is so beautiful,
with its gentleness
you keep me safe.
I want you to cry about the birds leaving and smile at her return.
Dance in the storm with me and tell me about your dreams.
Run further then you were aloud and yell at the clouds for hiding the sun.
My world would crash without those hands.
Some things can stay broken,
but not your wonderful soul.
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