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5.4k · Jul 2011
David Watt Jul 2011
I need to focus and to find,
This desire and obstacle that renders me blind.
Broken images of smiles and laughter,
leaves me sweating fearfull and lonely after.

Eyes wide they drown in passion,
Feel natures design hidden secret and perfectly fashioned.
Her waist so tiny and so small,
Her hair cascading like golden waterfalls.

Rap around embrace and bind,
In this ecstacy caught captured and mine.
Bite the lip and scar the skin,
Every weakness invoked by delicious sin.

Till i arrive and rip the curtain,
In actions so precise innocent and certain.
Sterile unfeeling killing all infection,
so quickly so completely it goes without detection.

You pass me by without attention,
**** my control and social discretion!
I came up with the idea for this poem a very long time ago when wondering how people deal with physical attraction in public circumstances, what interested me the most was that in these circumstances you have almost a complete conflict with natural desire and social accepptability, i thought this made an interesting topic.
4.1k · Jul 2011
Lonely lust.
David Watt Jul 2011
I cannot see a path before me,
Nothing but a pestilant haze.
Bathing all resistance,
Hiding hope from my lonely eyes.

You the focus that holds me steady,
I fabricate a story that makes you love me.
Without you there is no reason,
To hang on parched in this dryest of seasons.

Dreaming up the missing mornings,
Filling in the longed for nights,
Your face and voice the origin of my delight.
Every morning alone heart strings tight.

I beg for my own salvation,
Set me free from this beautiful imagination.
Tell me to leave you and no longer love you.
So free and heartbroken,
Drifting like feathers over a seamless ocean.
2.7k · Dec 2010
the little mermaid
David Watt Dec 2010
She sits there with her hair left flowing,
Staring out to the sea all knowing.
Singing till the last light breaks,
And darkness comes and claws and rapes.

Lamenting and sad her tears they fall,
Upon her tail and waist so subtle so small.
“Love me forever please the land of men,
For in the sea my heart is spent

Retell my tale but with a happy end,
Where my lover did not bow and bend.
To the whims of another lover,
Who raptures better beneath the bedcover

Whisper lover across the sea,
But stranded here my tail will keep me.
You had your chance to love and hold,
But to the sea my heart you sold."

A mermaid that now is not so little,
Damaged by a man so vain and fickle.
She languishes in perpetual beauty,
Never to forget her punishment and duty.

For if her tail does touch the ocean,
Her heart will falter from that accursed potion,
And to the sea she will fall prone,
And turn to nothing more than the seas soothing foam.
we had a disney night at my university and it never ceases to inspire me, how beautiful the tale of the little mermaid is, both the orignal and the disney one.
2.5k · Aug 2010
tender temper
David Watt Aug 2010
The wind is clawing the roof again my love,
the screaming passion tearing down the iron,
like nails on sensitive flesh.
the pain is daring and fresh.

Shes pouring under the door now my love,
Shes dancing around your feet,
watching you and touching you,
exciting you and thrilling you.

Grab her in that moment my love,
hold her in her rapture,
held firm in female capture,
embrace your wildest nature,
then swim in tender tempers all through this september.
2.3k · Jul 2010
filthy sheets
David Watt Jul 2010
Lost in limitless embrace,
Of sensual tight hugging lace.
Hands moving with passionate pace,
Until pleasure spreads across a beautiful face.

The Rhythmic motion,
Of a goddesses emotion.
Evident through the entwined feet,
That lock and spin beneath the crumpled sheet .

Pull me closer and love me harder!
She shouts out as the song gets faster.
Till what with one exhalation,
She looks at him with admiration.
Then sleep soundly in their consummation.
competition with the subject of *** between myself and kayleigh morgan
2.1k · Jan 2011
Jeremy kyle
David Watt Jan 2011
This morning i watched Jeremy kyle!
Another father in a useless denile!
Another ***** with the width of a bar stool,
Chucks another father in with the disgusting gene pool.

Miserable forlorn Cattle going to slaughter,
Have more class than your abhorent daughter!
The pity i feel for that wretched child,
Thats bought up in a system that's been defiled.

The onlookers cheer as another ****** makes a jest.
About the poor man shes been using is clothed in some ill fitting vest.
Well done contestant three,
You have proved to us the ***** you can be!

Now please take your rapid leave,
Before we call your **** or boyfriend Steve.
That you've been sleeping with your cousin,
And no doubt have his bun in your oven!
2.0k · Oct 2010
David Watt Oct 2010
Design of such perfection,
you offer no direction!
like a shell with no emotion,
with nothing of loves intention!

This flaw is like a missing limb,
leaving me floating in the loveless din.
clueless as to the approaching sin.
Victim to yet another comedians spin.
1.9k · Jun 2011
I Bring Fire!
David Watt Jun 2011
Cast all aside burn it and ****,
Dancing in the running reds of massacre.
Waiting for any semblance of humanity,
Burn it all rip it out and let nothing taint.
bring destruction like a demonic saint.
Feel the flow of senseless promise,
casting naivity into uncensored solace.
Bleed your prayers onto every altar.
Watch it discolour every drop of water.
Set your eyes on every ounce of pain,
bring it in and nestle it tightley,
then unleash it in fury divine,
to burn and destroy all that was once mine.
1.8k · Jan 2011
David Watt Jan 2011
You send up clouds of deepest dark despair,
And with my dancing i tried to repair.
While i dance in the light of the coming day.
All of those hearts strings broken will end and fray.

Pull back the cover and bare all to see,
Let my hands cover and retain delicate dignity.
This initimacy that belongs to you and me,
I will protect in every eventuality.

You present all to the world and its busy lover,
But never think of me laying beside you in your cover.
For the cameras flash and beauty bleeds.
And captions raise while gossips feed.

"Who are you to touch an untouchable perfection?"
"Your love corrupts like squalid infection."
"Another man to take the trophy,"
As they **** you in some catastrophy.
A plastic heart that splinters violently,
As he is left in jilted unmatching harmony.

Alone again, you sell your story,
To another scavanger that feeds on memory.
The tale thats told,
Leaves you broken and old.
While the lover lives bold,
In his world of hollywood gold.
1.7k · Sep 2012
Catchless Tinders
David Watt Sep 2012
Driven by nothing but a cavernous craving,
Anguished and ill considered decision making,
Pulled by something that calls inside,
Too strong to resist in sorrow abide.

Change everything that is me,
And leave anew refreshed and free.
Move on to possibly love another,
And know deep down the truth you cover.

The one you loved and left you behind,
Shattered and splintered pieces you still can't find,
The face that cant be forgotten,
The lover that left your heart rotten.

From my chest i take my hearts cinders,
And lock them away with catchless tinders.
Brace myself for no bright spark,
To light my way in the lonely dark,
1.3k · May 2011
David Watt May 2011
Aurelia my goddess in disguise,
Let loose your spell on spectactors eyes.
Kiss with grace unknown by man,
And flutter with lashes cast wide in span.

Dance a dance unmatched by Muses,
Together so tightly the movement enthuses.
The bodys spell abrubtly breaks,
the rythm ends with conflicting aches.
Aurelia lingers on eternal moments,
Beaten back by unseen oponents.
She longs to dance with softest steps,
unseen unhindered by the rhythmic inept.

Unable to catch up to beat,
I watch and follow her leaderless feet.
Swept up in listless unfelt tune,
unilluminated by a forsaking moon.

Lost to darkness and lost to time,
Aurelia your love is no longer mine.
1.2k · Jan 2011
David Watt Jan 2011
Longing again for the turn of spring,
to take me from this world of sin.
No longer will men speak my name,
for before me death will show my fame.

Now they cry for an innocent maiden,
who never returned from the first time she was taken.
The man who kills at touch,
keeps me tightley within his evil clutch.

Cry not for me people above,
just keep me alive with the pouring of blood.
For with his love he kills springs rebirth,
salting the now dead and barren earth.

imprisoned with his revolting seed,
i wish that in his presence my eyes could bleed.
for tears do not turn him from his desire,
to love me deeper in hells fire.
1.1k · May 2011
The art of love making.
David Watt May 2011
Blissfull in blues,
And moral decline,
Kissing deeply,
Making you want me,
Completely everytime.

Faithless and new,
Moving subtly in time.
Possessing desperately,
Making you need me,
Unconditionally mine.

Endless and bound,
Together like rhyme.
Holding tightly,
Making you love me.
In union for ever we shine.
1.1k · Sep 2010
David Watt Sep 2010
Her honesty is a thing thats rare,
a thing that causes most to stare.
Strangers hear of her akward jokes,
that may be acceptable around only blokes.

The smile that can lighten the dimmest of days,
only surpassed by the music she plays.
She gives and gives till she cries from stress,
which sends me into rediculous distress.

I cannot stand to see you sad!
for without you with me i look mad!
So heres to my friend,
who follows only her own trend!
Kay your great!
and a fantastic mate!
1.1k · Aug 2010
Helen of Troy
David Watt Aug 2010
This beauty is a guilty Curse,
leading thousands to a horse drawn herse.
these supple lips and wanton hips,
are taunting as the Goddess sips.
blood sprays on hands that are not mine,
that on these walls Apollo makes shine.

Aphrodite of beating bliss,
let Paris free with your sweetest kiss.
release me from their tortured dreams,
and repair these fractured and broken seams.
To Hades depths where no light reaches,
To Persephonies chamber far from beaches.

Hear my plea my lord and master!
**** me now and stop this disaster!
make all swords return to sheathes,
so once again my lungs can breath.....
1.0k · Jul 2010
stars and sequins
David Watt Jul 2010
Splattered like my fractured heart,
Upon the sky like sensual art.
Blood red and dazzling with sequins.
Her dress drags out my desire,
Her lips smoulder the inner hate filled fire.

The sun is her bloodstain,
Drawing from the blues that wane
Her body was her rapture.
In this dirtiest of endeavours,
My pain weathers.

Even in your death people see only you.
Which is a gift to those that hate you.
For your death is easier to cover,
If no one suspects the lover.
1.0k · Mar 2011
David Watt Mar 2011
I'm young but aged at heart,
I'm content but desperate in mind.
Loving but never feeling its return,
Cold and jaded I hide behind:
A wintered abandoned art of patience,
A bite thats hard and unrelenting.
A Tearing temper spent to embers,

To all that mock me i make bleed.
To kiss me is poisenous,
For my heart beat is venomous.
Take a chance and feel corrosion.
**** a shadow and feel it drain you,

You will never be the one i run too.
You will never undo what has been done.
You are the reason there is no colour,
In hollow eyes and skin so lifeless.
David Watt Mar 2011
I am done with love,
giving till all is gone,
feeling till all is numb.
I push aside all that weakens,
and makes me subject to loves affliction.

Feel happy now,
please cry no more,
in empty rooms,
behind locked doors.
I disown all that scorn me,
for giving up on childish fantasy.

I've never felt and relished in love,
So i cannot miss it,
I cannot need that which I've never felt.
love a fatal addiction,
that clings with painful friction.

I cast aside my heart this day,
and dream of days untouched by grey.
take me to an innocent garden,
where love is dead and never pardoned.
905 · Mar 2011
David Watt Mar 2011
Give me guidance,
When my life is in subsidance,
Leaning to the cold and lonely,
Dreaming of the missing one and only.

We may not need to be at heed,
But in the passion and company feed.
Devouring every single second,
Feeling the pulses grab and beckon.

Who wants the money and richest life,
When emotion stabs like a subtle knife.
Killing the strength asleep inside,
Leaving me seeking again to give and confide.

Happy i am in this very moment,
But soon to pay my heart atonement,
For the years ive ignored its cravings,
Has left it barren mad and raving.
899 · Feb 2011
Sheer devotion
David Watt Feb 2011
I'm holding you with sheer devotion,
Nothing can steal away all this emotion.
These are the final days of you and me,
Melting into a seamless sea,

For time is a weapon thats used against us,
Drawing blood and tearing between us.
Upon something once so perfect and pure,
Used on innocence to bend and lure.

Holding you closer as breaths draw thiner,
Weeping softly for in death theres no winner.

You from me,
me from you,
there must be something you can do!
867 · Aug 2011
David Watt Aug 2011
In a cavernous world devoid of light,
left dark and dead by a higher might,
There is no hope no pleasure no will to fight.
Not since god drove the world into a dying blight.

Her perfection rouses all from slumber,
Tearing through like holy thunder.
in awe they stare lost and dazed,
everyone intent and desparately amazed.

Celestine with her divine wings,
Decends on high and loves and sings.
Waking all to the chance of life,
Breaking darkness like a wrenching knife.

"Look upon me world of shame,
And feel my radiance like a hearths warm flame,
A mother whose patience will not succumb,
To those who are blind deaf mute and dumb.
Care not for those who turn their attention,
Who torments ruins and pretends affection.
Give your prayers to one that will listen,
And shine on you with love that Glistens."

We hear, we feel, we want and need!
All of which you've made us heed,
We give you prayers and fear no silence,
For with you comes love and eternal angelic guidance.

864 · Aug 2010
you hurt her... bad move
David Watt Aug 2010
Give me a reason not to punch you hard....

Until I can reach in and grab your heart
And turn it into modern art
A pile of putrid and disgusting crap
That hit the floor with a satisfying slap!

What loss is it to an **** like you?
A ******* who hasn’t got a clue!
How to love and chase a soft embrace.
Its clear its true its on your face!

So tell me you dumb witted fool,
What next to rip and throw at the wall?
You took her and then let her down,
You hurt her so I watch you drown.

Death is the best that I can give you,
For dumping her because she wouldn’t  ***** you!
So let’s hurry along get on and **** you,
Don’t want you to think that she will forgive you,

Which colour knife is best with blood red?
Ah forget I’m tired I need my bed!
Stab, stab, bleed, bleed, oh look your dead!
sorry thought it was about time i submitted for the dark sinister fans out there lol!
856 · Jul 2010
inner demons
David Watt Jul 2010
Am I losing myself to this crazed depression, every day I wake feeling more and more lifeless, the clock is on its thirteenth hour and what should have died and turned to dust is existing in constant purgatory, a heart that no longer is  capable of loving but still feels that emptiness, observes from behind thick glass screaming at a person who is incapable of listening.

This strange man I see infront of me, I have no attachment to, will anyone listen if he cried. Would anyone help if he crumbled infront of them, his every grain of emotion flooding onto empty ears and hearts, no sympathy or love is there for him. We're begging you please, take notice, and let us free from this purgatory.
853 · Aug 2010
Just give me relief
David Watt Aug 2010
I'm asking you a desperate favour!
just let your attention waver!,
i dont need you to remind me im alone,
i dont need you to tell me no ones waiting for me at home.

I'm asking for your compassion,
when it comes to tonights reaction,
dont wait for me till i'm on my own,
then tell me that theres no one by my lonely throne.

Just give me a break from this emptyness!
that echoes in savage wilderness.
around me are a thousand faces,
none trigger my heart to rapid races.

im waiting for you in crazy silence,
no voices offering a lovers guidence.
So leave me in my isolation,
till this heart feels loves' or any elation.
836 · Dec 2012
The price i've paid
David Watt Dec 2012
Calm and slow no fury red,
Almost like the angry me is dead,
No more blissful intoxication,
He doesnt rise to provocation.

Since you came he is so silent,
The joy so wholesome and potent.
Not quite feeling entirely secure,
Knowing inside my Anger cant be lured.

So I ask you to be my only protection,
Keep me safe and open to your affection,
No second line of hidden defenses,
And no lies dishonesty or dark pretenses.

Because even if you walk away,
Anger won't wake to play,
Half my heart I gave to feel,
Something deeper beautiful and totally real.

The cost that I have had to pay,
To wake and feel elation every day.
Is the part of me I relied on most,
No longer acting as his obedient host.
836 · Jan 2011
The goddess of love
David Watt Jan 2011
Sick today of twinging strings,
And watching the happiness that my magic brings.
Today is the peak of this ever lasting longing,
Far surpassing lustfull shortlived snogging.

I want a warm hand to clutch and hold,
And with me watch the beauty of this world unfold.
In perpetual youth his love will keep me.
instead of weary cold loveless and empty.

Immortality keeps me from this destiny,
for with it comes  my lovers repeating finality.
Every death is always the same,
tormented in moments of heartaches pain.

I cannot love one or any at all,
for the climb gets higher from every fall.
ive lost the pleasure,
of these heavenly endeavours.

So in your hands i place the choice to love,
and set it on white wings of my most beautiful Dove,
and throw myself onto the tides of eternity,
never to feel the gifts of divine maternity.
or to waltz to a song.
that plays a single life span long.
828 · Oct 2014
David Watt Oct 2014
Give me love that is without limit,
Free ordained and with sincerest spirit.
To love is all I desire,
Bless it in eternal fire.

To feel complete in every moment,
Unchallenged by faithless heartless opponents.
I long to feel your guided linger,
trace my body on heart felt fingers.

To caress my lips with your very own,
To feel every rapture wholesome and owned,
To love you so tenderly softly and faithful
That in your world I feel wholesome and beautiful.

I love you is all I can say,
Year on year and every day,
May your heart beat the drum of my heartfelt love,
Purer than the Gods most beautiful Dove.

Submitted to memory,
And endless eternity.
Bound in spells of heart felt honesty,
Enraptured in words of eternal clemency.
825 · Feb 2011
David Watt Feb 2011
This song is mine!
Formed with my empassioned mind!
Take my word,
and erase things and blur.

How can a stranger read and see,
the intricacies of you and me?
through words of ink and lines and spaces,
unless he sees the emotion printed on our faces.

So bore me not with lies and slander,
for in all honesty they bore and anger.
Do not fill your lack of sincerity,
with stolen subtext understanding and clarity.
822 · Feb 2011
My heartache is thunder.
David Watt Feb 2011
This is a poem of sincerest confession,
I feel strangled and undead trapped in affection.
Every where you touch is spoiled and addicting,
By fake embraces and loveless acting.

Too many times have u kissed me deeply,
Too many times have you melted me completely.
Robbed of my own dignity,
I bend to your will repeatedly.

Till the night thats is a heartbreak,
The kiss you gave that made my world quake.
On her lips you gave the sumtuous gift,
Your posture announced the final shift.

How i begged to be the one you loved,
Torn now and broken aside im shoved.
The tears cant fall for no more live,
This time its final uncaged no more to give.

The beating bliss died tonight,
No longer a fool to a fools delight.
I can't stop loving you obsessively,
But i can turn to hating you so passionately.

Give me strength if a God will listen,
To rid of this heart and tears that glisten,
I've cried enough over empty nights,
I want to feel nothing in vacant delight.

Kiss me now demon of dark temptation,
And fill my mind with evil contemplation.
Of pouring souls and hatefilled Slumber,
For from this point my heartache is thunder.
819 · Aug 2012
A Soldiers Heart
David Watt Aug 2012
Under his crossed scarred arms,
Beats the heart of a fighter,
Beaten back by his own failings,
He fights for something he cannot conjure.

Willing everything that screams inside,
To pour from his fingertips,
And swirl into something for him to love,
Giving substance to something he feels.

Looking into fictional eyes,
The depth of feeling in every gesture,
Holds tightly in a dwindling light,
Contrasting with the bleakness around,

Sing to him like love is new,
Promises binding and complete,
To bring flesh to air,
And words from silence.

Let his heart lay his arms to rest,
And walk a new path where love is his guidance,
And its beats drown out the lonely silence.
814 · Jan 2011
Toxic lover
David Watt Jan 2011
I'm filling with toxic this despair,
That raps ands clings and pulls my hair.
Silent, severe, screaming,
Kills everything that i have been dreaming.

Your face it hovers just in reach,
The skin the flesh the sumptious speech.
Loving longing listlessly,
Crying out in pain so helplessly.

The fictional cluster, of  memories muster.
The lips caress, as slowly we undress.
Underlying sleeps distress, that bursts out from every tress.
Bleeding down the falling walls, claiming the lover that slips and falls.
To drown in red, in my lonely bed.
Untouched by this evasive love,
No warmth shines down from up above.
David Watt Jul 2010
The ones we look for are not the ones we dream of.
The ones we run to are the ones that never desert us.
The ones passions burn for are not the beautiful.
The ones you never miss because they never leave hold a secret flame and branch of our hearts that burn eternally within us.

I speak of the love we have overlooked, the one you have known and cherished but never freed.
My dreams linger on your lips,
My passions upon your fingertips,
My love falters as my patience slips..

That person who holds you in such tension,
His affections show through unintention.
You lie alone and weep in desolation
As they gaze upon you with such lamentation.
785 · Sep 2010
tell me your name....
David Watt Sep 2010
Wandering eyes are always watching you Angel,
Hungry for a bit more clevage.
desperate for a bit more leverage,
to tip you into their peverse laps.
to straddle dance and wear their hats.

Where do you go when hands are tracing Angel?
Feeling every curve and dip.
lingering on painted lips.
Is it innocent peacefull and uncorrupt.
unlike these "moral" men broke and bankrupt.

Sit by me my pretty Angel.
fear not from me a twisted angle,
for with you i do not wish to tangle.
whisper hear your secret name,
and tell me how you came to play this game,
of torturous and wicked pain,
hidden by this mask so vain.
779 · May 2011
For 'someone'
David Watt May 2011
No brightness is in this world tonight,
from the moment i heard of your tormented plight.
I felt it cross distance,
In a tortured full impact instance.

So with this poem i ask you to smile,
Ill brush off your woes from these distant miles,
I will make you giggle and make you smirk,
I hope on hell these wishes work.

For you my tired and upset friend,
Vast distances i will travel to help you mend.
To feel the darkness fall and die,
and bring back the brightness your tears did shy.
777 · Feb 2011
David Watt Feb 2011
A life thats given without consent,
to sustain a world plagued by desperate discent.
Fighting, anger, gore and bloodshed,
hundreds starving begging to be fed.

Priestess of the softest caress,
feel this agony and perpetual distress.
Breath your prayers onto the tearing sky,
as fire spreads and the voices die.

But prayers are useless and feel so empty,
like the heart you lost time and time aplenty.
Then the anger turns to you,
the sweet innocent down trodden shrew.

Beat me behind a untainted veil,
then take me blinded on the ancient trail.
to walk the steps to my final moments,
so i can repent and die for your atonement.
David Watt Aug 2011
Keep me busied until i'm blind,
So I cannot see the divide of yours and mine.
Whisked up in desparate uncounted steps,
Unfeeling unhindered by lonely threats.

Cough up and out all the black,
The taint the stain of all I lack.
Distract me so I see no ill,
Dillusional I live like on some blissful pill.

Stop the clock and it all hits,
In disconnection my happiness sits.
Away from heartache crave and despair,
Unhealthy obsessed and blissfully unaware.

Give me distraction at every moment,
To save me from future lonely atonement.
David Watt Nov 2010
there is more to me than you can see,
i hide it in deepest hidden duplicity.
Look deep into identical eyes,
but see something deep that forces them far and wide.

See me sat there then over here,
crying, laughing and in constant fear.
lashing attacking and killing doves,
then im here nursing lost and boundless love.

A traitor to his own heart beat,
he dances upon burning and scarred feet.
As the coals grow with this epic show
the other flinches with blow after painful blow!

Until he rises and grabs his brother,
pulls and tears and rips and smother.
untill the voice does but fade,
the corpse then buried with bloodied *****.

sleep now heartbroken you,
the one who tortures with darkest truths.
i wait for the day to see you dance,
as i delve again into another lovers trance.
744 · May 2011
Wild wondering.
David Watt May 2011
Unchained and unbound,
I'm running to no finish.
Famous loved fury,
Blood is running undiminished.

With these teeth,
The flesh I tear.
With these words,
In anger I share!

Twisted and peverse,
I'm enjoying every second.
Delicious pure obscenity,
The fires burn and beckon.

With my eyes,
I consume each emotion,
My presence is toxic,
Like an unlabled potion.

Till chains reach in,
Constrict and bind.
The passion dwindles,
Moralitys so blind.

In my mind,
I'm scared to find,
The damage that is now entwined.
In corners where no light has shined.
I had a nightmare the night i wrote this, it was a rather terrifying dream, I didnt feel myself throughout the whole thing. It was like I was myself but with no inhibitions, just pure desire and limitless anger, though it was scary it was strangely addictive, at the same moment I was desperate to wake up, but equally so confused that I wanted to stay dreaming....I am never going on a coffee binge ever again.......
744 · May 2011
Death of an actress.
David Watt May 2011
I saw her then,
twisted broken upon the glen.
The holder of the softest kiss,
the one that causes hearts last fatal twist.

Still I hold the silken scarf,
that soaked in blood of the aftermath.
The red the soul,
To a lifeless doll.

One last kiss upon cold lips,
This time without our unfelt scripts,
No words for a moment,
Just a husbands atonement

Waiting for the curtain drop,
Waiting for this scene to stop.
Begging for the end to come,
but act one is the end for only one.

The missing kiss was not the sin,
that bought me heavy and to my shins,
I left you alone unloved without direction,
and so you died lonely with acted affection.
David Watt Mar 2011
Her lips are red as rose hips,
Her smile like a thousand diamonds.
But her beauty does nothing to obscure,
the feeling and rapture that I endure.

Her voice sings like birdsong,
Her hair falls like silk and satin.
His laughter pulls me to enthralled affection,
That I hide away in royal discretion.

To love her is what I desire,
But never do our eyes ignite.
Whereas his burn with heated browns,
That in intensity and passion drown.

She sees the glimpses put to side,
Her dissapointment true and undisguised.
She sighs so softly then steps away,
Aware that the crown is what she's paid.

With one pained and honest look,
To the brother and prince that stands behind.
Confession printed on every line,
Knowing that his desire is equal to mine.

The Princess leaves,
The Prince he lingers,
A single kiss he grants to fingers.
Then to the night he quietly whispers.

"You are mine and i am yours,
And in your presence my heart it soars,
On holy wings it climbs ever higher,
And burns as deeply as hells red fire.
So kiss me once and do not delay,
For i will be gone by the light of day.
To the horizon and out of sight,
To free us both from our sleepless nights."

And with those words a knife did render,
Tearing deep with no surrender.
The price I would have paid,
To make my prince stay,
Haunts me to this very day.
Yeah i'm not so sure about this poems ending, if anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated lol!!
730 · Sep 2010
The rapture of you
David Watt Sep 2010
Breath that caught when in your attention,
has been released by this most painful correction.
Heartbeats that fluttered in adoration,
now wrack and twist in aggrevation.

You are a fake a liar a heavenly curse.
Who spins a spell in every verse.
A twisted reflection,
of an apparent Perfection.

Your absence sends me into ecstacy.
no more feeling of inadequacy,
no more living in duality,
afraid to brave reality.

i miss you no more,
from my diary this page is tore.
peverse reflection,
spin you spells in another direction.
698 · Jan 2011
redemption of another kind
David Watt Jan 2011
throw me down on your holy altar,
bleed me now and do not falter.
For this sin i dare to witness,
tears me to this deepest bitterness.

If its a crime to feel this passion,
why strip it away with no compassion?
for if its an affliction we are born to bare,
can blame be placed on those and them that share?

i ask you voice thats never there,
shall i leave another message on your holy chair,
to not preach salvation.
to those you offer no advocation.

or should i like you turn away,
let those blinded fools keep their ways,
and whisper onto empty ears,
for reality does nowt but bring their fears.

We have sat outside your perfection,
and survived and lived in moderate affection.
from others you've shunned and burned,
oh how my faithful fools the tides have turned!

So witness the great and beautful karma,
that  mocks and riddicules your holy father.
condemn who you will to a fictional horror,
and leave us blissful in our faithless squalor!
please do not read if you are easily offended, or of a religious lifestyle.
695 · Dec 2012
Eternal moments
David Watt Dec 2012
Bound to a memory thats quickly fading,
Your on your knees deperately praying.
Keep the past so crisp and clear,
So the pain keeps raw the hopless fear.

Take your pleeding to a higher might,
One with boundless un-clouded sight.
To Keep you locked in this eternal moment,
Making time cease being your torturous opponent.

Lost in his eyes seconds so splendid.
Defy every whim that fate intended.
For in two days your eyes will close,
Never to bring his cheeks to that subtle rose.

Kiss a smile that makes you quake,
deep down knowing every coming mistake.
For on this morning that you remember,
A fury burned in you as red as embers.

Words were said that you can't unsay,
Your temper could not abate this fray,
On the road that was slick with ice
Blood red rivers ran in a sickening slice.

The lights went out and the world got colder,
The ice moved in ever the bolder.
I miss your eyes that warmed me to my centre,
Now ever sore and fetid from this haunting splinter.
682 · Jan 2011
Falling for you ever more
David Watt Jan 2011
What am I going to do?
I'm in love with you all over again.....

This sensation i feel won't abate,
Especially in these hours of late.
I gaze at your picture longing for connection,
to rap and craddle in this forbidden affection.

To rock till weightless in your embracing arms,
To snuggle till effortless in your loving charms.
I need you in this lonely hour,
For in my weakness i can but cower.

So with this despair i keep you close,
Never to reveal the truth so morose.
To live with you in total absence,
will remove all that keeps me in balance.
682 · Sep 2015
The Ferryman
David Watt Sep 2015
To the ferryman I pay another favor.
Shake his hand and walk from his mooring.
Walking the familiar path through the mire,
Keep your head high and ignore the sinking.

Every step back from the water,
An eternity of wretched squelching.
How many times have I walked this path.
Memories of youth and owning softer bones.

The aging shows now not just inside,
But clawing at the skin and hollowing of the eyes.
A distant heartbeat now darker punctuates each squelch from my feet.
Vultures and monsters lock eyes with my shadow.

Not quite dead but far from living,
I ponder the payment I keep on making.
How is it I can turn from the boat.
The answers are fleeting almost a whisper.

My eyes are drawn down by softest suggestion,
And through the darkness I see the bones and flesh breaking.
My chest burns and bleeds bleeding crimson upon the reeds .
In horror I wail soundlessly into the mud.

Hands dive to every break Clawing over every wound,
Feeling the scar of every knife,
Faces born to every memory.
The hurt the only feeling that remains.

I turn to look back at the creature I left,
A tear rolling down a fleshless face.
Caressing his own heart,
He raises his head and at last our eyes meet.

“You show me love with every heartbreak,
You come to me lost and with torture aplenty,
So broken by your own mind,
I make that which tortures you mine.”

The Ferryman opens his palm and shows me his treasure,
My own heart beating and bleeding with poison.
“Walk free from misery and grow anew,
I will wait again to trade away the pain the world will gift you.
But know this my love I cannot save you,
For in your chest beats my own broken heart,
Torn by every time I free you.”
664 · Jul 2010
broken shell
David Watt Jul 2010
Your looking at an empty shell,
One that has endured a twisted hell.
Rouse me with a single kiss,
And remind me of that sumptuous bliss.

Listen to the song of my lament,
The notes sing of a hearts tortured repent,
With each step I flake into the air
As my eyes deceive tears with a fixed piercing stare.

There was someone in here,
That held me when I shed a tear.
He left my heart to die,
And my soul no longer tries.
661 · Apr 2015
David Watt Apr 2015
Breath cannot catch,
Lips that cannot part.
Locked in a death stare daring either to move,
Grab me by hips and pull close.

Waiting for either to weaken,
For that tiny flex,
The subtle give,
Scratches gouged into the varnish.

Lying in depravity,
Bruises where the pulse judders.
Stars dance as the pleasure deepens.
Locked together muscles tensed.
Feral wild and free of sense.
David Watt Jan 2011
Best friend who i adore,
theres this secret inside that i store.
with a love that cant be physical,
lies a love for you as divine as holy miracle.

You are that friend that i fall to in need,
but this love would destroy you if ever freed.
so upon this sky of clearest night,
to confess is a battle that i have chosen to fight.

Goddess who watches from up above,
take my heart as beautiful as your whitest Dove,
and hide it away so it cannot stain,
a friendship that in ages does not wain.

My lips cannot venture onto your lips,
for fear that confession will be drawn to my tounges tip.
so to your cheek i place this moment.
and keep it close to make memory potent.

i love you too much to love you more,
so this passion i hide behind locked doors.
my friend, my past, my present and loves truest lament.
i regret not a second that i have spent.
David Watt Jul 2010
i hate it when you brush your hair,
in nothing but your underwear!
howd you get a **** like that?
that all the boys just want to pat!
your a ******* and a ****** ***,
the kind i really just want to hit!
but equally i just want your kiss,
and the taste of oh such sublime bliss!
David Watt Dec 2010
I can hear his voice once again,
in every moment not filled with obsession,
im drowned in his deepest depression.
He screams through eyes that deafen emotion,
a pain so deep it stirs me to motion.

He's stealing everything ive tried to build,
that innocence that power that i've regained,
he rips and tears in an anger once famed.
He is my tempest behind locked doors,
the one i fear and love to my core.

I can feel the power in every vibration,
His passion it pains me and weakens my presence,
with hands that rip and break in godly omnipotence.
for eventually he wins and my defenses they fall,
and beaten by fists that memory recalls.

He is a danger to my right of mind!
too many times has he rendered me blind!
push him back and gag his voice!
chain him so he has no choice!
so in my mind he no longer flitters,
and give me clarity with purity glitters.

So once again i kiss the mirror,
hoping to make your anger winter.
to lock your voice and calm your crying,
and in your cage i watch you dying,
goodnight the boy i used to be,
sleep now in treasured dignity unburdened with this duplicity.
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