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You were my worst critic and you were supposed to be my champion.
 Apr 2017 David Ehrgott
           ­         and everything in between.

                    and secrets that don't come clean.

                    and smiles beaming keen.

                    Deep thoughts,
                    and the dark places we've been.

                    carel­ess hugs
                    and ready shoulders to lean.

                    Reckless stabs,
                    impulsive jabs
                    and caustic words we don't mean.

                    count­ing blessings
                    and hope we can glean.

        ­            and everything in between.

The sun set beautiful
Red and orange
Mixed across the sky

Keith Wilson April 2017
 Apr 2017 David Ehrgott
 Apr 2017 David Ehrgott
Tell me the story
About the war
And the mother
Who used to worry
Under your branches
About her son so far
Away from her
In the trenches

About the two lovers
Who used to coddle
Each other
Next to you
Who carved their name
On your trunk
Who promised
To remain
A couple
And never let
Their flame
And wait
Until the war
Comes to an end
So they can

Tell me
Of the little girl
Who used to scream
And jump
Around your trunk
And sometimes pump
Into you
So that you
Would rain
A few leaves
On her hair

What about...
The fire!
Who brought you hell
So that
You can’t tell
All the secrets
You know
To the crow
And inspire
The young men
Sitting there
To write stories
About you

Tell me
About your story..
If trees could only talk...
Before we had divided,
We loved each other to no end,
Until you had crossed the line.

When our paths again collided,
My idea of you started to bend.
You got me thinking about when you were mine.

You just want my innocence.
You don't really want my heart.
Maybe you just hate the thought of me loving someone new.

You just liked my appearance.
And now that we're apart,
Is this your way of making sure that I'm not getting over you?
Help me let go of you.
Why an emptiness within
with the summer wind
blowing away the dust

Why the mute tears
we weren't friends for years
but came together awhile

The earth doesn't pause to grieve
but in the heart of hearts
when a good friend leaves
the void for lifetime hurts.
Our fellow Poet and friend Richard Riddle passed away on the 23rd April.
He will be missed.
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