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David Crum Feb 2017
Could you call it an anti-massage? my back bunching up
of its own accord.
Stress sinking to the lines of a body. Going over a hill but there is no hill.

*** supposed to be
about a kind of abandon
ive never felt.
An act of letting go.
Hold on so tight
my mental hands hurt.
Mental hands, i bite my nails.
The me inside my head does too. Both of me's need to get laid.
Ridden into the sunset.
Exhausting me.
No energy left
for the parasite pf anxeiety
to latch onto.

Let go.
Let go.
Lets go
Late night. Stomach hurts. Stupid musing nostalgic sick brain
David Crum Jan 2017
Burning occult logic.
A secret sacred savored fire.
Burn so bright it'll eat you alive.
Bright like a 2 am booklight tired
eyes so hungry for knowledge they yawn like little mouths
like your mouth...yawning, man do you know what time it is?
Time to learn, and read and be and burn.
  Jan 2017 David Crum
Esther En Qin
How are you?
I hope you are doing fine
but if you are not fine
here's a message for you.

I want you to know,
You cannot please everyone in this world
even you did something good,
something that helps the society
something that helps you,yourself
something that help your friends

There will be people unsatisfied with your actions
they'll haunt you with criticism
they'll compare you to someone better
they'll barge into your life
and bring you down

No matter how good you are
how kind you are
how talented you are
how much you wanted to be you
be yourself completely
You will never,ever
get to please every single one
in our society

I want you to know,
that I want you,
to be yourself.

Whether you are
transgender ,
love yourself.

Do what you love,
Do what you enjoy,
as long it can please you,
satisfy your day,
you are happy,
it'll make me happy.

I want you to know,
you have friends and family,
that'll always be by your side
they will help you through
the ups&down; in life.

Ignore what other people say about you
Do not let them pull you down
Be strong,
fight back,
move forward,
Care about what you think,
not what others think of you.

I hope you'll soon be fine,
I've been there,
I know how it feels.

My final message for you,
is to be you.
It is sad to see the society nowadays just keeps on giving negative comments on everything we do,I just want everyone to be yourself.
David Crum Dec 2016
The world is a grey
buzzing vibration.
Pock marked with heartburn and old memories.
What winter is colder
Than vibrant communication gone silent.
Our loves, our various loves.
Are the spring and autumn
of the heart
David Crum Dec 2016
giving up would be so easy.
to be a puddle, a porridge of emotions if you will
i try to tell myself the old guard: who will do those things you want to do, if not you.
but still. it is a yawning ache.

i guess coffee is still a thing that exists.
+1 to constitution

and alcohol
-1 to inhibitions.

so. another day i guess.
  Nov 2016 David Crum
Pieces fall
Snowflake shapes
Each reflect differently
In its descent from Hrímfaxi's mane
For I am Nótt, scarred by shadow
A blanket of stars tattooed across my brow
Reigns of frost dangle from crescent fingertips
Guiding dreams through the night
An ode to us 3am worshippers.
David Crum Sep 2016
Once, Curiosity was a beast in me.

writ in deep lines and stark highlights
it carved itself upon my face. telling a story in the curves and hills and valleys
of expression.

the passion for life not so much extinguished as a half faded memory
this is writ large too, in the bruise colored tired eyes of fatigue.
but it is not dead - never that.
it howls for the great hunt of life

curiosity, passion, ambition and love. still a beast in me.
tired, weathered,
greyer than ever before,
but a tired wolf can still bite.
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