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How can I burn when the son lives in me?
Pun intended
Now that you've made me perfect, do you deserve me?
You never know
What greatness
Lies in a **mere seed
You surely have traded with me
Some intense part of your soul
Your haunting memories impairs my senses
As i constantly drift into the dark past

I can feel your lurking darkness in my soul
Radiating gloomily
In the deep red stream that gives me life
Some sacred hoodlums
In the chains of religion
Disrupt the world's peace
Our freedom is constantly challenged by ignorance and mis-education. The world condemns violence, especially in the name of religion!
I die daily inside
This claustrophobic wall of mine
Pressing hard against my pride
Set to crush me like a timed mine

Memories of you are eternal
Having formed a siege in my fertile base
I am now entrapped in my own self-denial
A spinning carousel at a delicate pace
constant remembrance of what we shared
I have come to realise that my imagination supersedes reality
It's less real when it's out of your head - reality is inferior to imagination
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