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Send me the pillow
That you dream on
Don't you know
That I still care for you*

Those sad lyrics. .
Those sad Sapp endearment
Now  it's  butch where
Is my alimony. .where is
The child support money.
Nothing last for ever.
Words,  words,  words,
Thank God I divorce you
Islamists are not Muslims
They are Islamists ; Extremists
I am a Born Again Christian
Christianity is not a religion
It's a way of life to eternity
Through Christ Jesus
We preach the Love of Christ
Who died to set us all free
That's the Religion I know
That is the religion that can stop
All these killings and conflicts
Love... Yes! Only Love can
The Language of Love is One
It sheds abroad all Tribes, Races
Ethnics, Religion , Beliefs, etc
God is Love. Love is God
The Language of Love is God
Show Love; Show God
Only God can save us
Only Love can save us
That's the Religion I know
The Religion of Christ's Love
Christ's Love
Kiss me
with every breath
you're willing
to deprive yourself
It's an addiction
You already are what you want to become
Time just allows you to see it whenever
 Dec 2014 Oluwaseun Ogunbiyi
One day, all of the 'coulds' will change into 'cants'.
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