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The papers are wet with ink.
Russia is losing it's war.
North Korea is swamped with the Covid.
Tucker is backpedaling his replacement theory.
Finland and Sweden are enrolling.
Armament shipments are making a difference.
The Pope is apologizing.
That needs repeating: The Pope is apologizing.
(But why stop with the Aboriginals. Consider the Jews and Irish).
Fossil fuels are on the decline.
(plastic microchips are in our fat)
I can still buy Roundup.
Tobacco is banned in most public places here.
*** is not.
There are more drunks, and more behind bars, and in front.
We have safe injection sites.
I have robots asking me if I'm a robot.
There are more tv stations selections.
TV is not worth watching.
LPs are making a comeback.
Right to Life is Wrong for Many.
... and on... and on
 Apr 29
Francie Lynch
I'm hardly the one
You left behind,
Twenty odd years ago;
The suit fits much better,
Now I'm in the show.
I'm not using slight-of-hand,
No smoke or mirrors,
Just running sand;
The big tent long left town.

I know the four directions,
And how my wind will blow.
And even at a four way stop
I know who has the right-of-way.
And when it's my turn to turn,
I'll step on the pedal and spin my wheels
And drive myself insane.
 Apr 19
Sarah Mulqueen
I wish I was stronger
That my mind would leave me alone
I keep trying
Pushing through all of these walls I've built
I keep trying
To focus on the little things to get me through each day
But each little thing is getting harder than it ever use to be
Why can't I just stop
Stop worrying about how I'm meant to do this
How I'm going to get through this
Stop avoiding life and carry on get over it and move on
I wish I didn't feel so strongly
But the emotions I carry weigh me down so intensely
I don't want this to be who I am
Yet it's how I see myself
I've got no dreams or aspirations
And I find that really weird
Why don't I want more out of life
Why can't I see a better future for myself
I just continue to get stuck in my head and weigh myself down
I'm a burden to myself
And I resent it more than I should
I wish I could see the light the silver lining behind it
 Apr 8
Nathan Pival
This is the place to write
That I'm incomplete
And just broken enough
To be searching

For something that fixes
Or completes me

That would only be silence
To my questions
 Mar 3
Sarah Locklin
She’s beautiful, the finest rose in the garden. Her hands soft as silk. Her hair as fair as her skin. Those thorns will get you though. So be careful where you pick her. She’ll ***** until you bleed.
 Mar 3
Don't overthink, don't tense your nerve'...
Not only our tangent is different but I'm also standing alone upon a messed up curve..!
I'm an unsocial guy and it's very well known...
Don't try to find me out, I'm lost in the illusion of my own..!

It's not so easy for me to walk on the given way...
It's not so easy for me to give  instant reply on — what you say..!
It's not so easy for me to follow your set norm'...
Whenever I try to do so... I'm stopped by my inner storm..!

I'm the one who tries to live under the table...
In the company of yours, I find myself uncomfortable..!
I run away, whenever I hear your call...
It's very tough for me to be friend with you all..!

It will take some time for my shyness to end...
It will take me some time to make new friend'..!
So give me my time to stand with you all, on the same line...
Until that moment, let me live in the space and thought of mine..!
Hey everyone,
I hope u all are good. Wasn't active here from past few days coz of the reopening of my university campus but now I'm back. It feels so good and relaxed to be here. As I'm back now, I'll start exploring HP again...

[Ignore it...(just wanted to share somewhere)
Went to my clg last week for the very first time...I'm about to complete my bachelor's till next year but when I entered, I got the feel of a fresher. Everyone appeared as a stranger to me and cuz of my shy nature I didn't get the opportunity to interact with others. Although I don't like to make friends yet I think interaction is important. But I think I'm little different and I need my time to be comfortable even to interact with my classmates (physically).]
 Feb 26
I smile the most
When I want to

I laugh the most
When I want to

I sit here
And I act playful
As we text

But deep down inside
My heart
And my hope
Have failed
And I lay here
Stuck in my head
Unable to leave this bed

I miss having more people
To hold me close
And cuddle
For now everyone
Makes it ******

I miss holding hands
With people
And going on adventures
But now everyone
Assumes that means
I want them

I do want love
And I do want someone to hold
But just because I cuddled you
Or held your hand
Or was goofy with you
It doesn't mean
You're the one I choose

A cuddle
Shouldn't turn
Into a ****

Holding a hand
Shouldn't turn
Into love

So why is that
What I always
Run into?
 Jan 27
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Elliott. You know it's true.  😡
 Dec 2021
Francie Lynch
The red bloom that festoons your petals
Reminds me of your petulant cheeks,
Fading in the light
To a coarse rust,
Breaking, falling
To the base,
Mixed with dust.
So take that :)
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