Nathan Pival Jul 20
Your eyes gave away how vulnerable you were
And I welcomed you with trust and listening ears
No advantage was taken but I softly guided you
To places you'd never been
Dominance over you was nothing of control
But your protection and feeling safe in my arms
More intimately, your pleasure
Which you found could reach new heights
Or keeping you warm on cold winter nights
With great honor and responsibility
I am your Alpha and your man
I will always keep you safe
And treat you as best that I can

Tantric Poetry 2018
Nathan Pival Jun 28
When everyone is already broken
Is there ever a chance for a new start
When pointing fingers and passing blame becomes an art
Never owning up and never growing
Only dying on the inside
A young, dried up heart
The past won at murdering the future
and now you're lost in a familiar land
Loniliness and guilt are the only company you keep
And you befriend every bottle you meet
None of this is ever gonna change until you do

Nathan Pival 2018
Nathan Pival Sep 2017
Until we meet again
Know that I carry
you in my heart
I cherish every moment in
your presence but loving you
reminds me that life is short
I know that I have not the
time enough to hold
you in my arms
So that every goodbye
breaks my heart,only to be
healed every time you come
into my life again
I know that no matter where
I end up or life takes me,
I shall always find my
way back to you.
There is a beacon in my heart lit
by my love for you that
always shines a light on my path
guiding me home where
you keep my heart.
Nathan Pival Aug 2016
Out of sight
A mere mention
Of yesterday's sunlight
The golden touch
Upon your soul
The peace it portrays
Gone now is the comfort
Of the sun's protective embrace
As the clouds roll in
Made aware of being cold again
Lonely and vulnerable
Sunshine and safety stolen away
And made a distant memory
It goes on and on
Not a ray of light in sight
So long that the darkness
Becomes the norm
Being cold becomes the norm
Being alone becomes the norm
And the night comes
Devoid of the light of your memories
The clouds finally are defeated and retreat
And the moon shows her face
Reminding you that the sunshine never really leaves
Even if it is faraway
It's coming back for you
To warm your skin
And hug your soul
Nathan Pival Aug 2016
Here I am
Because I feel like the poetry isn't flowing
Then I think of you
You take my frustrations away
You paint everything in poetry
And it flows
You are the blanket that warms and comforts me
Late at night
The shooting star that inspires me
My beautiful princess
We sometimes ask ourselves
If dreams come true
I know they do
Because of you
The purest heart
Yours I hold
You've given me my innocence back
With your heart
I would like to grow old
Hold my hands
While they age and tire
You will always be the spark to my fire
Tantric Poetry 2016
Nathan Pival Aug 2016
All day
New pains exposed
Hard work?
An understatement
It even hurts to write
Right now
Dirt and sweat mixed together
Sometimes with a little bit of blood
Oh how it burns when it flows
Into your eyes and into the small cuts
Hard work does offer some clarity
Some satisfaction
Some pride
Knowing that you worked hard
Is rewarding
It can **** patience
For complainers
Abusers and users
Freeloaders and those that made excuses
People forget that in order to make
Dreams come true
A certain amount of work is required
Sacrifice is necessary
If you really want something bad enough
You gotta chase your dreams down and work for them
Nathan Pival Jul 2016
It's been a while
Since I've been a child
There is heart in me
That is young
There is patience
That is old
I am living
But always dying
The same holds true since birth
We come into this world
And open our eyes
And get told how to live
All you really have to do
Is be yourself
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