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Nathan Pival Dec 2019
I can't write
When I'm happy
Because I would feel like
I was throwing it in the face
Of people that are unable

I'm not sure that I'm sure
How to ever let myself

Be happy
Nathan Pival Dec 2019

The most simple things
Will confuse and lose the mind

Yet another reason
We all

Search for our place
In the madness
We're all too alike, don't ya think?
Nathan Pival Dec 2019
No one ever said beauty
Was in the eye of a waist
Shut your heart and eye up

How do you feel about yourself?
It's not easy but give someone a chance

Be you
Be brave enough to feel yourself
Please! and I trust you
That isn't what free is

Free is being a good person without being asked or expected to be
Nathan Pival Dec 2019
If I was to tell you
There was a way to love
That was right
I would be wrong

But I've been wrong
A lot

Sometimes you're wrong
And that doesn't make you wrong
But with love
We're only wrong
Until we're right

Which is most of the time

I don't know what I'm doing
And I don't expect someone
To put up with my *******
My pain or hurt
I am not that unique
And none of us are

Our pain is the only thing
That makes us universal
Yet we argue
And debate whose is greater

We are only human
And once adults, broken
Never lose your empathy
Or your own heart

But never,
I, repeat, never
Give someone's happiness
More value than your own
Besides your children

Tomorrow, is a day
With, or without sunshine
You can smile or not
But, I promise
That, is a choice
Nathan Pival Dec 2019
I've been lost
And gone a while
But I'm still here
And I'm not sure
Who to thank for it
But I'm thankful

It's weird being alive sometimes
Because nothing makes sense
I drink because I drink
And I love because I love
But I don't think because I think
Do I?

Everything has flip-worlded on me
And now I'm just wondering
What is everything
A value of time?
Or of some other *******

I haven't been able to write in a while
Yet I've never forgotten
But at the ends of my fingers
I try to explain
I missed that

I am lost but I'm here
I went there but want to be back
Life is a mess
But I kinda like that

We think we are alone
But there are so many that feel this way
I had to break the block and just write.  I had to drink for this to happen which kinda ***** but something had to happen.  If alcohol kills me that's one thing but I don't want my kept up soul to **** me.  I'm lost.
Nathan Pival Jul 2019
We've been worrying and stressing for so long
Just to get by
And to keep a breath
And a sandwich in our mouth
Nothing other than to just survive
The focus on surviving

We have forgotten how to live
How to love

Our lives are at the end of our cameras
I am guilty as well
But, I haven't forgotten
Nathan Pival Jul 2018
Your eyes gave away how vulnerable you were
And I welcomed you with trust and listening ears
No advantage was taken but I softly guided you
To places you'd never been
Dominance over you was nothing of control
But your protection and feeling safe in my arms
More intimately, your pleasure
Which you found could reach new heights
Or keeping you warm on cold winter nights
With great honor and responsibility
I am your Alpha and your man
I will always keep you safe
And treat you as best that I can

Tantric Poetry 2018
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