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 May 2021
It's okay to be chosen
or not to be.

We all have eyes,
but only a few will see.

It's okay to be bound,
but plan to get free.

Have mercy on you,
grace for me.
π £ π •
 May 2021
Baby come back
Where'd you go?
Tell me you're sorry,
and come back home.
Return my dear,
please come near.
Darkness is upon us,
Your safety I fear.
But - - -
If you choose to stay away,
may peace and joy fill your days.
 Dec 2020
God came one day to Abraham
Saying Abe my son I have this plan
See all these stars up in the sky
To your kin folk I will give life

So Abraham being a righteous man
Had two sons all in Gods plan
But being old he and his wife couldn't wait
So he laid with a female slave

Miracles from above
Ishmael and Isaac grew up
But a test came for his love
God had asked for his trust

Hagar was left behind
As father and son travelled the dessert
Where he had been called to testify
How he could pioneer and turn to right
Bring civilisation to God's light

Now we all know the test was passed
Or we wouldn't be here today
Speaking of the saviours who brought us to God's way

From Abraham came his sons
The messengers forever honoured
In Christianity, Judaism and Islam
Jacob, Moses, Elijah and Jonah

Zechariyah, John, Soloman and Noah
From them came Jesus and Mohammed
So we say peace be upon them all
And peace be upon this world

United we stand
For our ancestors were one
From the same blood we began
For the same Lord we bow...
Collaboration with Mike Hauser :)
 Sep 2018
Spriralling down profanity
Standing on the cliff of blasphemy
She looked for angels inside of demons
Where God's decree was nowhere to be found
She had faith in what she saw
Preachers and believers
Insolence and deciept
Their words of judgement reaching out to cage her in
Threatening punishment
Imploring her to forgiveness
God, there is sacrilege
This world is rampant with hypocrites
Her heart is full of your love
Yet desires the forbidden
The unsanctioned
It harms not a soul, not even her own
But holds her happiness down the one path
That strays just a little from the rules
God, who loves the impious preachers and believers
The patient and forgiving
Can these two paths not become one?
Where the blood in her veins runs by His decree
Every breath she takes is with His grace
 Sep 2018
Once I went to a place
Where the sky was azure
And the water a turquoise jewel
Botanical trees so lush and green
A calming breeze soothed across the skin
Like a blanket of peace
And I wondered if this is on Earth
A landscape of this world
Then what must paradise be like?
It is said to be beyond what anyone can imagine
Dear Almighty
Let heaven not forsake me
Let it not forbid me
Nor spit me out
Reject me after the trials of my life are over
Let me not reach the end of this tunnel
To never enter the light
It is You who knows best my Lord
For if heaven was easy to enter
There would be littered bodies
Of willing sacrifice
To sit along the rivers of wine
And enjoy eternal youth and beauty
Where there is no thirst nor hunger
To be amongst the company of Angels
And the best of nations, tribes, people and tongues
Standing before Thy throne
Where Messiahs have awaited
Enjoying eternal salvation
 Apr 2018
The world waited with bated breath
What would happen to the man they put to death
The world in solemn stillness lay
It seemed that death had won and hope was far away

All his friends ran away in fright
They forgot the words of Jesus Christ:
"Destroy this temple and on the third day it'll rise
Then you will know this is true and there were no lies"
The people walked with heads bent low
As fear and anxiety continued to grow
Many went back to what they were before
And the faith of so many was shaken to the core
The sky was gray and the sun looked more dim
As if nature itself was dying with him

The world waited with bated breath
What would happen to the man they put to death
The world in solemn stillness lay
Death had won and hope had gone away

But we have seen what comes next
We have read the ancient text
We know the end of this great story
Christ alive and full in glory
Quiet love has conquered all
Scattered fear and darkness, brought down the wall
"The one who died is now alive" the angels sing,
"Rejoice! Sing Hosanna to the Risen King!"
Shout it from the mountain tops so all the world can hear
Spread the good news to all people far and near
We are people of Easter Light in a world dark and dreary
In Him we find our hope and strength when we too are weary
Rise up Oh Children like the sun on that Easter morn
Shine on, like the son for today you are reborn

The world waits with bated breath
The return of the man we put to death
Join me now with the world as together we say:
God has overcome and love has come to show the way!
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