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Jun 2014
God came one day to Abraham
Saying Abe my son I have this plan
See all these stars up in the sky
To your kin folk I will give life

So Abraham being a righteous man
Had two sons all in Gods plan
But being old he and his wife couldn't wait
So he laid with a female slave

Miracles from above
Ishmael and Isaac grew up
But a test came for his love
God had asked for his trust

Hagar was left behind
As father and son travelled the dessert
Where he had been called to testify
How he could pioneer and turn to right
Bring civilisation to God's light

Now we all know the test was passed
Or we wouldn't be here today
Speaking of the saviours who brought us to God's way

From Abraham came his sons
The messengers forever honoured
In Christianity, Judaism and Islam
Jacob, Moses, Elijah and Jonah

Zechariyah, John, Soloman and Noah
From them came Jesus and Mohammed
So we say peace be upon them all
And peace be upon this world

United we stand
For our ancestors were one
From the same blood we began
For the same Lord we bow...
Collaboration with Mike Hauser :)
Written by
Simpleton  U.K
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