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Aug 2018
Once I went to a place
Where the sky was azure
And the water a turquoise jewel
Botanical trees so lush and green
A calming breeze soothed across the skin
Like a blanket of peace
And I wondered if this is on Earth
A landscape of this world
Then what must paradise be like?
It is said to be beyond what anyone can imagine
Dear Almighty
Let heaven not forsake me
Let it not forbid me
Nor spit me out
Reject me after the trials of my life are over
Let me not reach the end of this tunnel
To never enter the light
It is You who knows best my Lord
For if heaven was easy to enter
There would be littered bodies
Of willing sacrifice
To sit along the rivers of wine
And enjoy eternal youth and beauty
Where there is no thirst nor hunger
To be amongst the company of Angels
And the best of nations, tribes, people and tongues
Standing before Thy throne
Where Messiahs have awaited
Enjoying eternal salvation
Written by
Simpleton  U.K
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