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 Mar 2019
Lily Mae
An accidental whisper moved through
a soul thought to have been sealed; stone cold.

Yet there it was, alive with a warmth that
engaged; reawakening so many memories.

Laughter was born in those moments with a
gentle grace and ease; while fires burned in whispers.

A heart forever drifting in a space in time when
love existed in the purest form.

Forever grateful to feel that whisper move in,
making the heart of grace beat just one more time.
 Sep 2016
Daniel James
We fell in love too young
And when we woke up it was gone
Not the love, but the youth,
Not the falling, but the truth.

We fell in love too fast
And no one got to finish last
Right buttons, wrong order -
It ended with a start.

We fell in love too freely
In the flicker of touchy feelies
The End - staring out the ceiling
For the slightest crack of meaning.

We fell in with the wrong crowd
Of love and lust and luck
Till nothing else was true
Except we couldn’t give a ****.

We all fell out in the end
Lovers, family and friends
Until nothing else was true
Except I fell in love once too.
 Aug 2015
In your arms
Just two days ago but the feeling’s already leaving
I was bent out of shape
I was dry heaving
on my own stupid emotions so
I wasn’t able
to burn the vision of you in my mind
so hot that it stuck
stuck into me like a point in a *****, turning the turbine
and molding the muck
of my reality, in my conscious so clear it
separates from this one from the great spasm called space and time created by…
I don't know why, but, life sometimes separates the score from the assist.
and now i can’t resist
to list
the ball from the bat
the land from the sea
the you from the……
too corny.
I hope that I don’t seem too pathetic, I’m just too empathetic,
and I need to put this to rest:
to me,
I'm afraid we might be
like that bird who had flown from
The nest, and had his body broken by the nets
seizing the life from his chest.
aHH and now how I seem to sling
with a piece of string
a metaphor
back around to tie the knot
around that bird who got caught cuz
Metaphors and me are a package deal.
they allow me to feel.
And in my sweaty palms.
I felt the life leave
after having expected that it would, yet still also hoping that it might not.
But it did.
And everything should be ok but it’s not. And I should feel relived but I don’t. And I should be excited for what’s next but
I just feel sad.
 Jul 2015
Tia Jane
We lie still 'neath the stars ~ watching them consume the night ~ whilst they cover their eyes, as your wanton hands claim me ~
 Jun 2015
I will not make light
of your dark.
It's too heavy
to be thrown to the wind
like a wish
from a child.
I will not use your tears
to paint a smile.
I will drink them
that they echo
through my blood.
I will not let you walk alone.
I will put my arms
around you
and carry you on.
 Jun 2015
brandon nagley
There are two different kinds of hopeless romantics
One keeps their romance behind padded walls
So others don't know what's going on

The other one is me
Who parades one openly
Hoist's her gracefully
On a cheribum seat feathered in gold
With a microphone in mine hand

She's mine mi amour'
She's mine
She's mine queen
Leaveth her alone thou scowling dog's....

As tis I may maketh her embarrassed
During this process

She shalt thank me later
Privately behind those padded walls..

With an angel kiss
Upon mine wearied cheek...
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