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 Aug 2021
Ashly Kocher
Growing up you hated time outs.
Now I wish, I could have a time out…
 Jun 2020
CJ Sutherland
My child is grown
Married with children of her own
Life a twist of fate
Divorce, judgements ,learn to hate
Before God They came together
She left him, a battle, a storm unable to weather

They both moved on and found new love
Was it a gift from above
Turn about is fair play
He with the new life ,wife is happy today

She broken hearted dazed puzzled looked but did not blink
Tears falling ,she spoke quietly Karma at play ,I think
New love burns bright, then fades for all to see
The way things are ,not as they should be
She believes this is her punishment for wrongs of the past
Devil laughing in delight she must pay her dues at last

It’s hard to see your child broken hearted
Knowing there is nothing I can do when two have parted
A mother’s job is to listen not reply
In a broken heart many bombs lie

Hour spent rehashing the chain of events
The things said at each other exspence
I know in time this too will fade
If I could save her from the pain I would make the trade

So for now all I can do is be there for my child
cautiously watch what I say or Her words are not meek or mild
Why is it we take out our hurt on the ones we love
Wasnt that the first lesson we failed with God above

Hope faith and love
The most important of these
Is love
My daughter had a fight argument with her boyfriend of two years she is distraught calling me all day long I am happy to be there although I can’t do or say anything right
But mother’s never stop being a mother no matter the age  it’s just a little more difficult to  Council  an adult
 Jan 2020
I saw you looking
at a snow globe
you said you wanted to go there
I asked where
to China daddy
I asked why
that is where snow is made.
True story
Funny thing is she works there now
and it's snowing
 Sep 2019
White Widow
My Dearest Daughter,

This is in hopes that throughout these last loooong month...
you may find me here.

I am and will ALWAYS continue to fight.
As I KNOW the battle you are waging there.

My thoughts are NEVER far away from you.
Waiting for that final day in April.

You were born @ 4:18am. Expect my call
                                                      ­  Or sooner...
I will be at the end of the driveway
(if you want, @ 4:19am!)
Or when you leave for school.
BTW, U WILL call yourself in sick that
I told 'her' he could kiss my *** in a them. Heheheh
 May 2019
David Mikosz
Looking back at pictures of us
I realize I can only read one.

The smiles and trust are etched so deep
The love felt real and created wonders.

Oh and how I wish I could tell him
To shield himself a little bit.

But maybe the past is untouchable
To keep those feelings pure.

And when I gaze upon my children
I know that love was always there.

But ****** Facebook, oh why
must you replay those faces?

I know I can turn off that notice
but oh it's nice to re-read such fiction.
 May 2019
There are signs of you

all over the home now.

Little memories
and little mementos.

Clues and reminders that you are real
and not
just a

I cannot wait to meet you,

little one.
I know this sounds like I'm pregnant, but I'm actually just getting a cat lol
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