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 Nov 2020
jeffrey conyers
Change me.
Lord, change me to be what you feel I should be?
I have been a sinner(pretending to be a saint)

Be not surprised(we see many pretenders in church)

Change me.
Lord, change me to be what you know I can be?
They're still good qualities in me.
Just change me.

If there is a perfect person(presently on earth)
They simply a liar because they not even in the church.

We go to church for forgiveness and to be closer to the Lord.
Seeking resolution for this sin within.

Lord, change me.
Change me.
Change me.
Dear Lord, change me.
 Oct 2020
jeffrey conyers
Stories, men could tell.
And you best believe they won't be based around fairytales.
But more linked to the comedian sitting in prison.

Based on statements a decade ago.
And some of those complainers are just as guilty.
Many support the time as to what was going on?
Who hadn't heard about the joy within Club 54?

At this moment, in time.
Just like then.
You have women still playing mistresses of their own free will.

No lawsuits.
No accusations
No allegations.

At this moment, you have women in colleges seeking a sugar daddy.
And women in general choosing to freely pay this lust for play or pay game.

At this moment stories, men could tell.
Men don't hide behind MeToo gripes.
And some women crying foul won't admit they were a would adventurous child.

At this moment while you reading this.
A woman is playing with a man of her free will.
And won't come forward to ever reveal.

She has grown and in some cases know it's wrong
 Oct 2020
jeffrey conyers
Visit them.
Notice them
Truth is in the recognition.

They take your money.
But pay attention and you just might learn.
The truth within the recognition?
And it's not by accident but intentional.

Visit most Japanese businesses in the black community.
And you see less of you.
They take your money but most likely you just a client.

Visit most Indian owned stores, you might see Patel mostly closer to ownership.
But your representation is a vanishing point.
Pay attention to the truth within the recognition.
Your kin just not there.
Although they serving your community.

Visit your local Discount Store and the same thing.
Mostly Egyptian owned and yes, they considered African in heritage.
They might deny this.
But research the continent and there lies your answer.

They serving your kind.
But do you see yourself?
Truth is in the recognition.
They take your money.

Get not upset?
When others states support your community.?
Especially when told to buy black?

And this is where my message sits?
 Oct 2020
K-mari AJani Jones
You are a delight
Cause your words match against the laws
The volume silent between you and me is intuitive
How can I be the source without your light

Delightful like the stars
I know from miles, you are clever
We may not met yet
But nature tell me that you a change of greatness

Your thoughts show me greater confidence
Which make me feel emotional
Cause you have a power of positivity

I resemble you
Cause you are
A Delight.

K-mari (c)2020
 Oct 2020
K-mari AJani Jones
Tall, red like roses, hair short like the waves is my pretty boy
His smile brighten my days
That I like him already

Blue is our sky
It would be like in heaven
If I come by him and make him flip
I realized he has no ring
But he all in his feelings
And I got feelings for him
I wish I could marry him all like now
Cause with him I am everything

K-mari 2020
 Sep 2020
jeffrey conyers
If our blessings?
Should come in, don't cut and run.

If we lose it all?
Still stay with me until the end.

Long before our blessings of wealthy.
We were blessed with happiness.

If bad news should befall me?
Whether it's health-related, don't cut and run.
We see many do this constantly.
For I will never vanish from your life.

If bad luck should befall us?
As long as we are together we have the best luck to survive it all.
Our inner strength will protect us.
All because it's based upon the love within us.

No ifs or buts.
 Sep 2020
jeffrey conyers
Quit being the forgiving group.?
Put them in check.
We aware they scare and running to the suburbs.

But for some reason, they **** and harass you.
And the forgiving group loves to quote scriptures.
Just quit being the forgiving race.
Put them in check.

The NRA just a group guiding idiots.
Your right to bear arms is signed and legit.
But for some reason telling the scared group they trying to take your rights to own.
Upset them the most.

When the forgiving race has weapons of their own?
And more like can put the bully group in check.
But the forgiving race loves to push loving.
While the bold on doing killing.
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