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Oct 2020
Stories, men could tell.
And you best believe they won't be based around fairytales.
But more linked to the comedian sitting in prison.

Based on statements a decade ago.
And some of those complainers are just as guilty.
Many support the time as to what was going on?
Who hadn't heard about the joy within Club 54?

At this moment, in time.
Just like then.
You have women still playing mistresses of their own free will.

No lawsuits.
No accusations
No allegations.

At this moment, you have women in colleges seeking a sugar daddy.
And women in general choosing to freely pay this lust for play or pay game.

At this moment stories, men could tell.
Men don't hide behind MeToo gripes.
And some women crying foul won't admit they were a would adventurous child.

At this moment while you reading this.
A woman is playing with a man of her free will.
And won't come forward to ever reveal.

She has grown and in some cases know it's wrong
jeffrey conyers
Written by
jeffrey conyers  united states
(united states)   
   jeffrey conyers
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