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 Feb 2021
The aftershock of love
Always shakes me the hardest.
I pushed you away
Now you've gone the farthest.

A delay in reaction
Is usually my action.
Divided two hearts,
Down to the lowest fraction.

Forgive me most
for I'm usually on time
I ran out of excuses,
Leaving you on my mind.
 Dec 2020
Roberta Day
Still, in the fourth quarter
Disabled, a depressed hoarder
Permeation meets ideation
Tectonic joints sliding away
Collapsing Ebony Atlas
In ruin and decay
Water and rock erode away
Foundation, damaged
Weakened support
Overwhelm and pressure
Leading to the break
Dreaming about the long sleep
Paralyzed while awake
 Mar 2020
Jimmy Hegan
"Alas , alas , the great city,
where  all who had ships at sea.
grew rich by her wealth !
For in one hour she has been laid waste.
Rejoice over her, O heaven,
you saints and apostles and prophets !
For God has given judgment for you against her ."

"With such violence Babylon the great city
will be thrown down ,
and will be found no more;
and the sound of harpists
and minstrels and of flutists and trumpeters
will be heard in you no more ;
and the sound of the millstone
will be heard in you no more;
and the light of a lamp
will shine in you no more;
and the voice of bridegroom and bride
will be heard in you no more ;
for your merchants were the magnates of the earth,
and all nations were deceived by your sorcery.
And in you was found the blood of prophets and of saints.
and of all who have been slaughtered on earth"
 Mar 2020
Keith Edward Baucum
Fictional Crime Organizations created by me Keith Edward Baucum

1. Cyber Crime Family
2. Cyber Crime Syndicate
3. Black Crime Family
4. Black Crime Syndicate
5. Jade Dragons

Written by: Keith Edward Baucum
 Feb 2020
Keith Edward Baucum

Wearing a crown of fire and a robe of blood Hatred sits upon his throne of thorns and thinks on ******* Love.

Written by: Keith Edward Baucum
 Feb 2020

Black girl scared of her own image,
Her own reflection
When she looks in the mirror she sees imperfection,
So she looks the other direction
Black girls mind is full of misperceptions

Bleaching her skin so she can be white enough
Straightening her hair cause white hair ain't tough
But all her efforts are never good enough

Black girl you're too loud
Black girl you're so ratchet
Black girl don't make a sound
Black girl just shut it

But loud is not ratchet
Boldness is simply passion
For you're voice, black girl
Is the voice of generations who
Were subjected to oppression

They have tried to keep you quiet
They have tried to **** you and your pride
But black girl you haven't died
Black girl you're still alive
Black girl take full stride

Scrutinized about her lips
But Kylie gets praised
Scrutinized about her hips
But plastic surgeons get paid
To have that silicon made for the  kardashians to put on display. Along with their "boxerbraids"

Their called cornrows
So I'm sorry if you were under the impression
That the style is Kim kardashians invention
But It was Worn by slaves and others all through out oppression
As a form of self expression
Only made possible through the hands of a true magician

Black girl you are magic
But that doesn't mean you don't feel
Black girl you are real
So don't conceal all your ebony appeal

Dark eyes, thick thighs we don't have to apologize
Don't listen to the world and it's lies

Whether dark,light, or mixed racial
Your skin, your hair and your soul
Are beautiful
Black girl they don't see you're value
And they won't until you do

They have tried to keep you quiet
They have tried to **** you and your pride
But black girl you haven't died
Black girl you're still alive
Black girl take full stride

Black girl power
Not just black girl hour
Black girl this is your time
Black girl rise up and shine
Black girl get in formation
Take control of the situation
Demand the attention of the entire nation
Because everything about you is captivating

Black girl you are a queen
You don't need sunscreen
For You're skin was made to be sheer butter or as rich as coffee beans
I'm sorry it's beauty goes unseen

Whether dark,light, or mixed racial
Your skin, your hair and your soul
Are beautiful
Black girl they don't see you're value
And they won't until you do
For one thing is true
They only envy everything ebony about you
 Feb 2020
I Longed for your validation
I thought that if you loved me
I could start to love myself
But fighting for your love only made me hate myself more.

                -SelfLove ComesFirst
 Feb 2020
Indigo Morrison
Forgive yourself
Perfect was never a word suited for you
Love yourself
Everything comes back to this
Love your sister
She has been picked apart, degraded, and has an internal war eating her from the inside out
Love your brother
He has a time stamp of deliverance to a life of incarceration, bullets released from an absence of sense, lack of educated, blind ambitious followers.
Raise your head
You are a Goddess created
with disarming beauty in mind.
Continue to place one foot in front of the other
You are meant and strongly designed for forward movement.
Take no steps back, do not bow down your head, do not close your mouth
In fear that judgment will fall
It will, but you must speak anyways.
Your voice is imperative
to the growth of lost girls who are unsure what real women are made of.
Your voice is imperative to the peaking of the minds of men unsure what to look for in a Queen, show him.
Your voice is imperative to the readjustment of the image of
Black Women with large voices
Black Women with high diction
Black Women with love language
Black Women with literary genius
Black Women filled with nothing less than the peace & love God has manifested within us.
Black Women
Black Women
Black Women
Who love Black men like double chocolate moist bliss
Who love White men like dark roast coffee filled with cream
Who love Latino men like Butterscotch candy dipped in chocolate
The list goes on
Black Women who love like we are bound to implode if we don't give the universe what it is that we need back.
Black Women
Your Mother
Black Women
Your Sister
Black Women
Your Friend
Black Women
Your Lover
Black Woman
Love Her.
 Feb 2020
Keith Edward Baucum
GREEN Chapter One

As Kenya lie on the floor at Club Envy with her lungs burning and filling up with blood from being shot by an unknown person she thought her life would never end like this.  Kenya tears started to flow as she thought of the years she spent silthering with snakes.  Her job at the BNB Bank made it easy to launder money for the Black Crime Syndicate.  It was six years ago in the month of June that her life took a downward spiral.
Upset at the thought of being late for work Kenya floored the gas pedal.  As she passed by the slow moving drivers weaving in and out of traffic Kenya hoped she didn't get a ticket.  I just had to stay up late watching the marathon of Funny Man.  Now I got to race the clock and pray I don't get stopped by the police thought Kenya as she sped past the other drivers.  As Kenya pulled into the BNB Bank parking lot she checked the time.
"It's 7:55a.m.  I made it within five minutes."
Kenya got out of her car and walked through the bank's glass doors.
As time passed the employees of BNB got the bank ready for the public.  One of the three people that arrived at the time of opening was a new face.  Mmmmmm yummy thought Kenya as she walked up to the tall light skinned man.
"Hello sir how may I help you?" asked Kenya as she eyed the man up and down.
"My name is Malik Maxwell Williams.  I would like to open a checking and savings account" answered the tall light skinned man.
"Mr. Williams please follow me to my office."
As Kenya and Malik sat in Kenya's office filling out papers Kenya made it up in her mind that she would get to know Malik on a personal level.  After a days work Kenya got behind the wheel of her red BMW and started her drive home.  On her way home.  On her way home Kenya called her best friend Jewel Stonewall.
"Hello Jewel how are you?" asked Kenya with one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand holding her cellphone.
"I'm doing great Kenya.  What's up?" answered Jewel Stonewall as she did one of her client's hair at her salon the Golden Scissors.
"Are we still on for Saturday?"
With a confused look on her face Jewel asked
"Is the day Friday already?"
"Yeah girl what day did you think it was?"
"To tell you the truth Kenya I thought the day was Thursday."
"No Jewel it's Friday.  I'm glad I have a friend who owns a hair salon."
"You better be thankful.  I'll talk with you later Kenya."
"Ok by Jewel."
Kenya Ayanna Night was a plain looking black woman in her 30's who lived a very plain life.  She always looked forward to Saturday.  A day she would spend at the Golden Scissors getting her hair done and talking with Jewel Stonewall her childhood friend.

Written by: Keith Edward Baucum
 Feb 2020
Keith Edward Baucum
Love and Loyalty

Love stood before Loyalty her soon to be husband and a chapel full of wedding guests wearing a crown of olive leaves, dressed in light, and holding a bouquet of pink lilies.  Love and Loyalty looked into each other's eyes and exchanged vows.

LOYALTY:  My world revolves around you.  My dream of making you my wife has become a reality.  I promise to cherish you and treat you like royalty.  I promise to stand by your side and help you chase after your dreams.  I promise to hold you in my arms and keep you safe for all eternity.  

LOVE:  I've been waiting on this moment ever since my heart took it's first beat.  Like doves flying on the winds of peace I promise to uphold this marriage above the clouds of serenity.  I too will stand by your side and help you chase after your dreams.  I will be there for you in your time of need or when ever you just want me by your side.

Surrounded by all the virtues Love and Loyalty kissed.

Written by: Keith Edward Baucum
 Jan 2019
Keith Edward Baucum
Pride: The elected commander of the sins.

Cruelty: The daughter of Envy and Hatred.  Cruelty is the sister of Anger.

Wisdom: The elected leader of the virtues.

Harmony: The name of the country where the virtues live.

Tranquility: The capital city in the country Harmony.

Glory: A city in the country Harmony.

Humility: A city in the country Harmony.

Love: The wife of Loyalty, the mother of Kindness and Justice, and the older sister of Truth.  Love is a humanitarian and a healer.  She is ***** by Hatred.

Loyalty:  The husband of Love and father of Kindness and Justice.
Loyalty is a soldier and a warrior.    Loyalty gets justice for Love after she is ***** by Hatred.

Kindness: The daughter of Love and Loyalty, the sister of Justice, and the niece of Truth.

Justice: The son of Love and Loyalty, the brother of Kindness, and the nephew of Truth.

Lust: The wife of Greed.  Lust is a **** and *******.  Her husband Greed is her ****.  Lust has an affair with Hatred.

Greed: The husband of Lust.  Greed is a ****, gangster, and corrupt politician.  Greed is Lust's ****.

Faith: The wife of Truth and the mother of Hope.

Darkness: The name of the country where the sins live.

Chaos:  The capital city in the country Darkness.

Hope: The daughter of Truth and Faith.  Hope is the niece of Love.

Written by Keith Edward Baucum.
 Oct 2018
Keith Edward Baucum
After Lust watched her client leave her hotel room she picked up her communicator off the dresser and called Greed her **** who was also her husband.

"Hello Greed where are you?" asked Lust as she sat on the bed.

"I just arrived at the Blue Flame Hotel.  I'll be at your room soon" answered Greed.

"Ok Greed I'll see you when you get here" said Lust.

Lust got dressed and waited on Greed.  Within ten minutes there was a knock on Lust's hotel room door.  Lust opened the door and let Greed in.

"Where's my money?" asked Greed as soon as he entered the room.

"Greed you act like you don't trust me.  You promised to lay riches at my feet and put power in my hands" said Lust.

"Trust you? I do trust you but not a hundred percent" said Greed.

Written by Keith Edward Baucum
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